Justin Greystone in Skies of Death (5_19)

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Wizards and Warriors Drinking Game

Wizards and Warriors
Drinking Game

Justin Greystone

by Anna M.C.


Well, I don't partake of alcoholic beverages myself, but in order to commemorate Justin's epic triumph at the Tri-Kingdom Drinking Competition, I've written a little Wizards and Warriors Drinking Game here. So gather some fellow fans, fire up the VCR, pop in an episode of your choice, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and go! In the purist, alcohol-based version, last one standing wins. In the non-alcoholic version (recommended for all but those with the inhuman stamina of Justin), last person to break down and go to the bathroom wins. ; )

Justin's Rules are pretty rudimentary. Simply take one sip whenever:

Blackpool tortures someone.

Blackpool talks about torturing someone.

Blackpool talks about torturing and/or killing Greystone.

Blackpool comes up with a witty insult.

Vector attempts to con Blackpool out of the Monocle.

Vector attempts to assassinate Blackpool.

One of Blackpool/Vector's villainous schemes backfires.

Anyone mentions Tadmon.

Anyone mentions Lightning Hawks.

Marko mentions eating.

Marko mentions dancing.

Marko performs some superhuman feat of strength.

Marko stops to converse with the local fauna.

Greystone says/does something so darn heroic and noble and goody-two-shoes smug that you just want to throw up (Note: Take only a tiny sip. Assigning a full swallow to correspond to a stimulus this frequent could be fatal).

Ariel says/does something so lame-brained that you just want to throw up (See above note).

Blackpool winks (Take a big gulp for this one. It's not that frequent, but oooh . . . .).

Justin mentions drinking, gambling, or pursuing the opposite sex.

Justin attempts to weasel out of danger.

Justin and/or Marko bail Erik's pathetic butt out of trouble.

Anyone makes an anachronistic reference (i.e., quiche, Shakespeare, Bogart films).

Anyone mentions a foreboding place name (Forest of Doom, Cliffs of Death, Caverns of Chaos, Plains of Death).

Anyone mentions the word "death".

Anyone mentions the Winslow sisters.

Anyone attempts to differentiate between Margaret and Lucille.

Anyone mentions "Kolnas."

Erik encounters a bizarre and blatantly fake monster.

The Death Troopers screw up worse than a Three Stooges routine.

Cassandra gets dumped on.

Bethel's outfit looks as if it's about to fall off.

Bethel pressures Blackpool to marry her.

Ariel pressures Erik to marry her (so hard getting Princes to commit, isn't it?).

Erik and/or Marko almost get killed.

Erik has to rescue Ariel.

Ariel mentions leather.

Ariel mentions shopping.

Ariel wears a stupid hat.

Vector wears a stupid hat.

Blackpool's leather makes a deafeningly loud squeaking sound when he moves.

Erik wears a gold armor breastplate instead of gold lamé.

Geoffrey makes an idiot out of himself.

Traquill says something senile.

The opposing sides have to work together to survive.

Erik and Dirk end up in a swordfight.

Dirk passes up a perfectly good opportunity to kill Erik merely because he wants to savor the moment.


Contributed by former list member:

King Edwin says "May the Gods go with you."


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