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8 episodes. 8 measly episodes. When you think about it, that's a really cruel number. Just enough to get you hooked, and leave you craving more. Dirk himself couldn't have planned the pain with more aplomb.

But wait! Don't despair! Although CBS failed us, we are not without resources. After all, we have word processing programs. We have really sick imaginations. We have each other. Put them all together, and what do you get?

Well, you get these. Tales that pick up where the series left off, fill in the blanks, develop the characters, and expand the mythology. Think of these as the Lost Episodes. Better yet, think of these as Wizards and Warriors Lite: most of the wit, style, and adventure of the original, but with none of the staggering budget.

Aperanian Talk Show by Anna M.C.
Aperans' answer to Jerry Springer hosts a special show on "Princes Who Can't Commit and the Women Who Love Them."
Aperanian Talk Show Revisited by Anna M.C.
By popular demand, Aperans' answer to Jerry Springer is back, this time with a special exposť called "A Royal Pain:  Useless Siblings of Royalty!" Note: Although Listians make a brief appearance, this is primarily intended as a sequel to the original Talk Show, not a participation fic.
Checkmate & 10 Little Greystones (A Father Blackpool Nursery Crhyme) by Dana Kujan (offsite)
These two poems have previously been published in fazines by this author.
The Crying Blade by Kiri
Geoffrey Blackpool falls for a beautiful bard with a dangerous secret . . .
The Cursed Battlefield by BrianQM (offsite)
The second slash (M/M) fanfic we've linked to. It features Dirk and Erik and we ask that you view it only if you are 18 or older. The author describes the story as "Worst of enemies might become best lovers... Slash. First time. Rather graphic sexual content." Please read at your own discretion.
Dark Prince by Mistress Marilyn (offsite)
The first slash (M/M) fanfic we've linked to. It features Dirk and Erik and we ask that you view it only if you are 18 or older. The author describes the story as "Prince Blackpool reminisces and dreams. Slash, sorta, but nothing graphic." Please read at your own discretion.
A Falcon's Tale by Crownhelm
Dirk Blackpool meets his match in a magical female warrior who has all his power, ruthlessness, skill - and hatred for Erik Greystone!
Kartian Carol by Anna M.C.
A Wizards and Warriors twist on Dicken's classic tale. Hilarious no matter what time of year it happens to be!
Of Things Forgotten by Scotty
A story of births, deaths and ultimate evil.
The Price of Conquest? by Pyra Cantha (offsite)
A highly unconventional 'un-story' which is, in the author's words, "an exploration of the nature of evil. It loosely considers the arrival of an anti-christ-like figure in Aperans and an entanglement which could mean Armageddon for the human race." The author has warned that this fanfic contains very explicit, disturbing, adult material.  Please read at your own discretion.
The Prize by Cre8vWrter
An  exploration of a younger, kinder, gentler Dirk . . . well, not by much!
Torn Heartstrings by Strand0
A short story about lost love.
Tournament Prize by Janice (offsite)
It's time for the  Seven Hundred and Forty-Third Aperanian Tournament. Time for jousting, wine, women, song, magic? Under the ban of Tournament Truce, the Blackpool and Greystone families must somehow work together to fight off black magic of the foulest kind from a strange new enemy. A must for Justin fans! The author has rated this story as PG-13.
Traitor's Pass by Anna M.C.
When one of Dirk's top generals defects to the good guys, will Geoffrey's sweet-talking sucker poor Cassandra into helping the Blackpools eliminate the threat?
A Visit from the Past by Celine
A short story which hints that Vector has an intriguing past -- and just maybe, something resembling a heart.




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