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Welcome to the kingdom of Camarand, southern land of virtue, sunshine, and virtue's Golden Boy himself, the one and only Prince Erik Greystone! He's the guy up there in the bright red and gold. Can't miss him. Heck, when he's in full sunlight, he practically has a halo.

As you've probably noticed, the dragon-shaped continent of Aperans is in a bit of turmoil. The evil northern kingdom of Karteia, led by the nefarious (but gorgeous) Prince Dirk Blackpool, has been waging war on Camarand for quite awhile now. But never fear -- virtue always triumphs in the end, even when evil has a whole lot of fun in the meantime.

What with new Blackpool plots hatching every time he turns around, though, Prince Erik can't stick around for very long. Still, since he approves of heroic quests on principle, he's asked all his Camarandian friends to extend you every courtesy, and tell you anything you ask about his favorite show, Wizards and Warriors. Just follow the links below to consult with all the nice, hospitable, and certifiably whacko denizens of Camarand. If you're looking for pure facts about the series, almost as pure as Erik himself, then you've come to the right place. Unlike Erik, we aren't infallible, but we did perform extensive research to ensure the information in this section is as accurate and thorough as possible. However, for things like fanfiction, the mailing list, or the fandom in general, you'll have to journey north to the Fans side of the website, in Dirk Blackpool's shadowed kingdom of Karteia. Erik Greystone wouldn't recommend it. We would, though.

Over 30 reviews and reports about the show from major magazines, newspapers, and reference books, plucked straight from the Wizard Traquill's personal files.
Queen Lattinia Baaldorf's Who's Who of Who Played Whom, profiling the actors behind the characters.
All the dirt on all the citizens of Aperans, courtesy of Prince Justin Greystone and his tavern grapevine.
Cassandra's ode to the unsung heroes who do the drudgery behind the scenes.
Lots of goodies for your computer, free for you to filch with Floyd the Feather's help.
Marko's collection of chats with the big names in W&W, including exclusive W&W Mailing List interviews with Tim "Geoffrey Blackpool" Dunigan; Phyllis "Cassandra" Katz; James Frawley, director of the pilot episode The Rescue; Peter Wooley, Production Designer; S. Bryan Hickox, Supervising Producer; Jay "Justin Greystone" Kerr and Don Reo, the creator of Wizards and Warriors.
Belldonna's prophetic advice on where to go from here for more W&W, cast and crew, sci-fi, and fantasy information -- plus, the scoop on where to find dubbed copies of the series on videotape.
Photo Gallery
Screen captures of all the major (and most minor) characters from all the episodes, from that queen of vanity, Princess Ariel Baaldorf.
Promotional Images
Yet more pictures, these of the official promotional variety, from Princess Ariel. Due to the number of images, this page may take a minute to load, but it's worth it. Just ask Ariel.
Show Settings
All about the friendly continent of Aperans, the local lingo, and lots of local color with the ever-colorful (and very friendly) Winslow sisters.
Sound Gallery
Wav files of all the classic lines, hosted by the laconic Colter.
Summaries and transcripts of the series from King Edwin Baaldorf's crack intelligence network.




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