Geoffrey Blackpool in Caverns of Chaos (6_72)

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There's nothing Ariel likes better than an official portrait of her beauty, unless it involves other people looking at that portrait and telling her how beautiful she is. So please, by all means, go admire the official promotional picture of Ariel. Look at it under different lights; note the play of sunshine on her golden hair. It's the lemon rinse she uses that makes it so shiny, you know.

Oh, and there are several other promotional pictures here, too, of Dirk and Erik and stuff. But they hardly matter, do they?

Click on picture to view a larger image.

Purchase copies of the photographs below from Still Things. Mention our website when you place your order and Jeff will give you a 5% discount.

Ariel Baaldorf Dirk Blackpool Dirk Blackpool Dirk Blackpool Dirk Blackpool (B/W) Dirk and Vector (B/W) Marko Dirk and Erik fighting Dirk and Erik fighting Dirk and Bethel Erik, Marko, and King Baaldorf Marko and Erik from Skies of Death Vector and Dirk

Images below are from:

Book cover

Anchors, William E., Jr., ed.  The Superhero Illustrated Guidebook:  A Review of Classic Superhero Television Series.  Dunlap, Texas:  Alpha Control Press, 1995.

Ariel (B/W) Dirk (B/W) Baaldorf and Erik (B/W) Erik Greystone (B/W) Marko and Erik

Image below courtesy of Joyce of the Interviews with Bill Bixby website

Erik with Justin in bear suit

Images below are various promotional photos from Crownhelm's collection


Images below are courtesy of Mr. Don Reo. The ad artwork has been scanned in order to show more detail. Also shown is a digital photo of the TV Guide ad materials sent to us.

Images below are courtesy of Mr. Walter Olkewicz and Silicon. These are from Mr. Olkewicz's personal collection.



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