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In the kitchens, the closets, and the laundries of the castle, behind all the glamorous, beautiful people, toil those folks who make it all possible and keep it all running smoothly. Nobody knows more about that hierarchy than poor Cassandra. She doesn't mind, really; she gets to meet royalty, see Marko now and then, and apparently there's a pretty generous hat allowance in the benefits package. Just once, though, she'd like to get a little proper credit for all her thankless work. Is that too much for a handmaiden to ask for?

Not at all, Cassandra. In your honor, we hereby give credit to the crew, those backstage Cassandras who made W&W what it was. We just hope they didn't have to wear one of those handmaiden hats.

Note: To view any of the crew's Internet Movie entries, please go to the index page and conduct a "people" search using their name.

Although Internet Movie Database is a good source, in almost every case a simple Google search produces many more credit listings than the IMDB.


Episode Title Abbreviations: U = The Unicorn of Death; K = The Kidnap; R = The Rescue; N = Night of Terror; S = Skies of Death; C = Caverns of Chaos; D = The Dungeon of Death; V = Vulkar's Revenge


Judith D. Allison

(Thanks to Mr. S. for the image)

W&W: Executive Producer (K; R; N; S; C; D; V); Writer (D)

Other Notable Projects: Producer/Writer - Blossom; Producer - Heartland

Fun Facts: Judith D. Allison is the wife of Don Reo and, with ex-husband Keith Allison ("Paul Revere and the Raiders"), mother of musician Ryeland Allison, who appeared in the W&W episode The Dungeon of Death.


Nancy E. Barr

W&W: Production Coordinator (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V )

Fun Facts: Nancy recently signed our guestbook (see guestbook for full quote):
"What a lovely tribute to SUCH a fun show to work on. Unfortunately, (I) think it was a year or so before its time. Perhaps may have lasted longer had it started later. We had SUCH fun working on that show. I was the production coordinator as you have me in the credits. Again, really wonderful site. Thank you. Nice to see that people DO remember the show. It WAS 'one of a kind'.
Take good care,
Nancy E. Barr"


Bill Bixby (1934 - 1993)

(photo courtesy of
The Bill Bixby Webpage)

W&W: Director (U; N; S)

Other Notable Projects: Actor - The Courtship of Eddie's Father (Tom Corbett), My Favorite Martian (Tim O'Hara), The Incredible Hulk (Dr. David Bruce Banner)

Fun Facts: Judith Allison arranged the first meeting between Bill Bixby and his future wife, Judith Kliban, widow of former cat artist B. "Hap" Kliban. From 1992 - 93, he also served as the primary director for Don Reo's hit series Blossom.


Alf Clausen

clausen.jpg (14555 bytes)
(photo courtesy of Alf Clausen
photographed by Jim Hagopian)

W&W: Music (N; C; D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Music - Half-Baked, #1 With A Bullet, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Additional Music), Dragnet (Additional Music), Weird Science (Additional Music)

Fun Facts: Although Danny Elfman penned the original opening theme to The Simpsons, Alf Clausen won two Emmys for his additional Simpsons music. He has also, appropriately enough, composed for TV's Alf (no relation, he claims).


Richard A. Colla

(photo courtesy of
Days Of Our Lives:
Who's Who In Salem?

W&W: Director (K)

Other Notable Projects: Director - Battlestar Galactica, Miami Vice, Star Trek: TNG

Fun Facts: Born in Milwaukee in 1918, Richard A. Colla started out as an actor, most notably as "Tony Merritt" on the famed soap The Days of Our Lives.


Kevin Connor

W&W: Director (D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Director - Remington Steele, Moonlighting, In the Beginning

Fun Facts: Born in 1937, Kevin Connor directed many low-budget fantasy/horror movies early in his career, including several UK films and the infamous Motel Hell.


William Cruse

W&W: Visual Effects (R)

Other Notable Projects: Visual Effects - The Amityville Horror; Art Director - The Green Mile, Clear and Present Danger

Fun Facts: William Cruse's art direction in The Green Mile inspired a lot of Oscar buzz in 1999.


Dennis C. Duckwall

W&W: Associate Producer (U; K; N; S; C; D; V ); Editor (K; C)

Other Notable Projects: Editor - Vega$, Return of the Shaggy Dog; Associate Producer - The Magnificent Seven (TV)

Fun Facts: Dennis' father, Don(ald) Duckwall worked for Walt Disney from 1935 until his retirement in the early 80s and may (or may not) have been the inspiration for the name Donald Duck.


Robert Earll

W&W: Producer (U; K; N; S; C; D; V); Writer (V)

Other Notable Projects: Writer - Charlie's Angels, Starsky and Hutch, Hill Street Blues

Fun Facts: Robert Earll also produced the little-remembered 80's sci-fi/fantasy series The Powers of Matthew Star, which, at 22 episodes, actually lasted almost three times as long as W&W before cancellation.


Paul F. Edwards

W&W: Executive Story Consultant (U; K; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Writer - North and South, Fire Birds, Tecumseh: The Last Warrior

Fun Facts: Paul F. Edwards wrote for the TV series V, although he did not work on any episodes featuring Duncan "Dirk Blackpool" Regehr as "Charles."


James Frawley

frawley.jpg (23010 bytes)
(picture courtesy of 
Mr. Rob Draper, ACS website)

W&W: Director of pilot episode (R)

Other Notable Projects: Director - Tales of the Gold Monkey, American Gothic, The Fugitive (TV)

Fun Facts: Son of William Frawley, best known as "Fred Mertz" on I Love Lucy, James Frawley was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for Ally McBeal, and won an Emmy for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy for The Monkees. He has appeared in cameo and supporting roles in many of the movies and TV series he has directed, including The Muppet Movie, Another Midnight Run, and The Monkees. He had a Muppet made in his own image.


S. Bryan Hickox

W&W: Supervising Producer (U; K; N; S; C; D; V); Producer (R)

Other Notable Projects: Producer - Small Sacrifices, Murder in the Heartland, Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Lost Classics

Fun Facts: President and CEO of a production company in Florida which appears to specialize in made-for-TV movies, S. Bryan Hickox also owns a Florida-based retail chain, Barbeques Galore.


Lee Holdridge

W&W: Music (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Beauty and the Beast (TV), The Beastmaster, Moonlighting

Fun Facts: An extremely prolific composer from Haiti, Lee Holdridge has received five Emmy awards, and has been nominated for many others. In addition to his numerous film and television soundtracks, he has operas, ballets, concert works, and Olympic scores to his credit. He and Alf Clausen have worked together on a number of projects besides W&W.


Roger Holzberg

(Thanks to Mr. S. for the image)

W&W: Special Weapons Design

Other Notable Projects: Special Weapons Design - The Sword and the Sorcerer; Special Project Design - Black Moon Rising; Writer - The Living Sea (IMAX)

Fun Facts: Roger Holzberg is more active in the interactive arena these days as Creative Director of Disney Interactive Entertainment. He has worked with Steven Spielberg himself in the development of video games.


Mentor Huebner (1917 - 2001)

(Thanks to Todd & Dan for the image)

W&W: Show Illustrator (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Blade Runner, Dune, Planet of The Apes (original), The Time Machine

Fun Facts: Mentor Huebner worked on over 250 projects including restaurant and theme park designs, TV and film. He was an animator for the "heigh-ho" sequence in Disney's Snow White.


Richard E. Johnson

W&W: Special Effects (U; K; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Special Effects - Marathon Man, Little Darlings, Bat*21

Fun Facts: Richard E. Johnson provided special effects for Hard Country, a film in which Jay "Justin Greystone" Kerr had a minor role.


Werner Keppler

W&W: Make Up Artist (R)

Other Notable Projects: Makeup Artist - Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, The Last Starfighter, ER

Fun Facts: Werner Keppler won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for a Series for his work on Star Trek: TNG.  His son, Rolf Keppler, was nominated for an Emmy for the same series in the same category in the same year, 1988


Paul Krasny

W&W: Director (C)

Other Notable Projects: Director - Mission: Impossible, Miami Vice, Moonlighting

Fun Facts: Cleveland-born Paul Krasny directed the ill-fated The Powers of Matthew Star. Shades of Robert Earll! He also directed episodes of V -- but not Duncan "Dirk Blackpool" Regehr's "Charles" episodes. Shades of Paul F. Edwards!


Beala Neel

W&W: Art Director (N; D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Art Director - Malcolm in the Middle, Sliders, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Fun Facts: A member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Art Directors, Beala Neel has also worked as a Production Designer.


Sharleen Rassi

W&W: Hair Stylist (R)

Other Notable Projects: Hair Stylist - Diagnosis Murder, Sparkling Cyanide (as "Charlene"); Hair Assistant - To End All Wars

Fun Facts: Sharleen Rassi was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for her work in the W&W episode The Rescue. Really. We're not kidding.


Don Reo

(Thanks to Mr. S. for the image)

W&W: Creator; Executive Producer (K; R; N; S; C; D; V); Writer (K; R; S; C)

Other Notable Projects: Writer/Producer - M*A*S*H, Blossom; Producer - The John Larroquette Show

Fun Facts: Husband of Judith D. Allison, Don Reo has co-produced two separate Vegas shows for David Cassidy of Partridge Family fame: At the Copa and The Rat Pack Is Back.


Bill Richmond

W&W: Producer (U; K; N; S; C; D; V); Writer (U; N)

Other Notable Projects: Writer/Producer - Blossom, The John Larroquette Show, Three's Company

Fun Facts: Bill Richmond won two Emmy awards for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy-Variety or Music Series and one Emmy for Best Writing in Variety or Music, all for his work on the Carol Burnett Show.


George Marshall Ruge

(photo courtesy of
the Kaye Wade website)

W&W: Sword choreographer (U, K, R, N, S, C, D, V)

Other Notable Projects: Stunt coordinator - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Stunts - The Perfect Storm, Lethal Weapon 4, Robin Hood: Men In Tights

Fun Facts: George Marshall Ruge has served two elected terms as the President of the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures (SAMP). He also worked on stunts for the 1987 movie Monster Squad (starring Duncan Regehr as Dracula) and was stunt co-ordinator in 1965 for Days Of Our Lives. He also worked as stunt co-ordinator for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy movies.


Theadora Van Runkle

van_runkle.jpg (8533 bytes)

W&W: Costume Designer (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Costume Designer - Bonnie and Clyde, The Godfather Part II, Peggy Sue Got Married

Fun Facts: Winner of the Outstanding Costume Design for a Series Emmy for the Wizards and Warriors episode Dungeon of Death.  It's no wonder that Dirk's armor, Erik's lamé, and Ariel's hats were so hilariously memorable -- Theadora Van Runkle has been nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Costume Design.


Peter Wooley

W&W: Production Designer (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Projects: Production Designer - Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety, The Day After

Fun Facts: The man responsible for the versatile sets of W&W was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction for a Limited Series or a Special for The Day After. He was also immortalized in The Kidnap episode of W&W when a soldier informs Dirk Blackpool his name is "Peter Wooley, sir."

From a Mel Brooks interview on the Blazing Saddles DVD :  "There's a production designer whose name is Peter Wooley -- little guy, blond hair, now it's probably gray, and . . . short, cute, adorable. Didn't cost me a penny, in time or materials.  Designed everything. Everything, every picture he put down in front of me was perfect."


Dick Ziker

W&W: Stunt Coordinator (R); Second Unit Director

Other Notable Projects: Stunt Coordinator - Mission: Impossible (TV); Stunts - Terminator 2: Judgment Day, End of Days

Fun Facts: In over 35 years in show business, Ziker has worked on over 100 projects as an actor, action sequence coordinator, stunt coordinator, second unit director and stuntman.


Other Crew

Dorothy Andre - Hair Stylist (C; V). Susan Arnold - Casting (R). Lynn Bernay - Costume Supervisor (U; K). Casey Bernay - 2nd Assistant Director (R). Martin J. Bram - Music Editor (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Dennis Dalzell - Director Of Photography (R). Bill Dietz - Property Master (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). John J. Eyler - 2nd Assistant Director (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Carolyn Ferguson - Hair Stylist (N; D). Steve Fisher - 1st Assistant Director (K; N; C). Michael Formica - 1st Assistant Director (R). Richard C. Glouner - Director Of Photography (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Alan Greedy - Script Supervisor (N; S; C; D; V). Thure Gustafson - Editor (S). Holly Hoffman - Hair Stylist (U; K; S). Barbara Hogan - Script Supervisor (R). Bruce R. Hogard - Costume Supervisor (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Phyllis Huffman - Casting (R). Cheryal Kerney - Set Decorator (R). Saria Kraft - Script Coordinator & Assistant to the Executive Producers. Jim LaRue - Sound Mixer (R). Bud Maffett - Sound Mixer (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Abby Marable - Music Editor (R). Travis Nixon - Set Decorator (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Joseph G. (Joe) Pacelli Jr. - Set Designer (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V). Bill Petrotta - Property Master (R). Jim (James) Simons - 2nd Assistant Director (R). Melissa Skoff - Casting (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Nickolas (Nick) Smirnoff - 1st Assistant Director (U; S; D; V). Buffy Snyder - Costume Supervisor (N; C; D; V). Ron Spang - Editor (U; N; V). Housely Stevenson Jr. - Editor (U; R). Robert G. Stone - Unit Production Manager (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Mark A. Thomson - Production Assistant & Personal Assistant to the Executive Producers (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Tom Treloggen - Unit Production Manager (R). Thomas Tuttle - Make up Artist (U; K; N; S; C; D; V). Wayne P. Wahrman - Editor (S; D). Bill Young - Unit Production Manager (R).


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