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Before there were the Ladies Who Lunch, there was Queen Lattinia . . . the Lady Who Banquets. And Shops. And Knows Everyone Worth Knowing. Lattinia doesn't just read Aperans' books of peerage, she writes them. After all, a Queen has to be ready to send out those wedding invitations at a moment's notice.

So if you're looking for a Who's Who of the W&W cast, Lattinia can help you out. Unless, of course, you're one of those ill-smelling peasants. Then she can have her servants help you out the door.

Episode Title Abbreviations: U = The Unicorn of Death; K = The Kidnap; R = The Rescue; N = Night of Terror; S = Skies of Death; C = Caverns of Chaos; D = The Dungeon of Death; V = Vulkar's Revenge

Note: To view any of the cast's Internet Movie entries, please go to the index page and conduct a "people" search using their name

Randi Brooks


W&W: The Witch Bethel (U; K; C; D)

Other Notable Roles: Tightrope (Jamie Cory), Mancuso, FBI (Jean St. John), The Man with Two Brains (Fran)

Fun Facts: Randi Brooks was once romantically involved with Dukes of Hazzard star Tom Wopat. An unconfirmed source has informed us that she has retired from acting to raise a family. Brooks also appeared in Master Ninja II, a film that was given the Satellite of Love treatment on MST-3K.


Jeff Conaway


W&W: Prince Erik Greystone (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Roles: Grease (Kenickie), Taxi (Bobby Wheeler), Babylon 5 (Zack Allan)

Fun Facts: Jeff Conaway played the role of Danny Zuko in the Broadway production of Grease!. Also, his young son appears in a bit part in W&W.


Julia Duffy

The Blue and the Gray

W&W: Princess Ariel Baaldorf (U; K; R; N; S; V)

Other Notable Roles: Newhart (Stephanie Vanderkellen), Designing Women (Allison Sugarbaker), The Mommies (Barb Ballantine)

Fun Facts: For her role on Newhart, Julia Duffy was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series every year from 1984 to 1990.


Tim Dunigan

Davy Crockett
(image from US Magazine article
Vol. 3, Number 98
March 20, 1989)

W&W: Prince Geoffrey Blackpool (U; K; C)

Other Notable Roles: Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (Captain Jonathan Power), Davy Crockett (Davy Crockett), Mr. Smith (Tommy Atwood)

Fun Facts: A veteran of live theater, Tim Dunigan is semi-retired from acting and runs a successful mortgage business.


Bruce M. Fischer

(Image from Escape from Alcatraz,
reviewed at Prisonflicks)

W&W: Vulkar the Barbarian (V)

Other Notable Roles: Escape from Alcatraz (Wolf), The Outlaw Josey Wales (Yoke), The Journey of Natty Gann (Charlie Linfield)

Fun Facts: Bruce M. Fischer has appeared in two Clint Eastwood films and has many Westerns to his credit.


Thomas Hill

1917 - 1993 Revenge of the Stepford Wives

W&W: King Edwin Baaldorf (U; K; R; N; S; D; V)

Other Notable Roles: Newhart (Jim Dixon), V: The Final Battle (Father Andrew), The NeverEnding Story (Koreander)

Fun Facts: Thomas Hill, also credited as Tom Hill, appeared as a series regular on Newhart with W&W costar Julia Duffy.


Phyllis Katz

Sherman Oaks
(photo courtesy of
CultTVman's Unofficial
Sherman Oaks Page

W&W: Cassandra (U; K; V)

Other Notable Roles: M*A*S*H (Nurse Able), The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour (series regular), Sherman Oaks (Beverly Baker)

Fun Facts: A veteran of Second City Touring Co. and a founding member and former director of the famous comedy group "The Groundlings," Phyllis Katz teaches improv comedy and specializes in song improv.


Jay Kerr

The John Larroquette Show

W&W: Prince Justin Greystone (K; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Roles: Five Mile Creek (Con Madigan), 1st & Ten (Mac Daniels), East Meets West (Hardy)

Fun Facts: In addition to W&W, Texan actor Jay Kerr has appeared in two other Don Reo productions: Blossom (Elrod) and The John Larroquette Show (Mickey).


Jerry Maren

(photo courtesy of
Splash Celebrity Promotions

W&W: Floyd the Feather (D)

Other Notable Roles: The Wizard of Oz (Lollipop Guild Leader Munchkin), No Soap, Radio (Morris), Under the Rainbow (Hotel Rainbow Guest)

Fun Facts: The Munchkin who handed Dorothy her lollipop, Jerry Maren is included in Stephen Cox's book The Munchkins Remember: The Wizard of Oz and Beyond.


Walter Olkewicz

The Blue and the Gray

W&W: Marko (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Roles: Grace Under Fire (Dougie), The Blue and the Gray (Private Grundy), Twin Peaks (Jacques Renault)

Fun Facts: Walter Okewicz directs theater and has a son who is an X-Files fan.


Julie Payne

The Brady Bunch Movie

W&W: Queen Lattinia Baaldorf (K; N; S)

Other Notable Roles: The Brady Bunch Movie (Mrs. Simmons), The Wonder Years (Mrs. Falcinella), Beverly Hills, 90210 (Peggy, Arnold's secretary)

Fun Facts: The daughter of actor John Payne, Julie Payne has done voice-over work in films ranging from Rain Man to Uncle Buck to Garfield and Friends. Married with no children, she practices Tai Chi.


John Bennett Perry

Independence Day

W&W: Colter (D)

Other Notable Roles: Independence Day (Secret Serviceman), George of the Jungle (Arthur Stanhope), Falcon Crest (Sheriff Gilmore)

Fun Facts: John Bennett Perry's first big success was as a sailor in Old Spice aftershave commercials. His son Matthew Perry is one of the stars of the hit sitcom Friends.


Duncan Regehr


W&W: Prince Dirk Blackpool (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Roles: V (Charles), Zorro (Don Diego de la Vega), Star Trek TNG & DS9 (Ronin and Shakaar)

Fun Facts: Duncan Regehr is an accomplished painter and poet.


Clive Revill

Murder, She Wrote 

W&W: The Wizard Vector (U; K; R; N; S; C; D; V)

Other Notable Roles: The Empire Strikes Back (voice of Emperor Palpatine), Dracula: Dead and Loving It (Sykes), The Mikado (Ko-Ko)

Fun Facts: Famous for his voice-over work for everything from cartoons to computer games, New Zealand actor Clive Revill has an excellent singing voice, displayed in both Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado and the original Broadway production of Oliver! (Fagin).


Ian Wolfe

1896 - 1992 Star Trek

W&W: The Wizard Traquill (U; K; R; C)

Other Notable Roles: WKRP in Cincinnati (Hirsch), Star Trek (Mr. Atoz and Septimus), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Rev. Elcott)

Fun Facts: Under various pseudonyms, Ian Wolfe was active in show business for seven decades. He made his last film appearance at the age of 94 in Dick Tracy. Now, that's magic.


Before They Were Stars


Steven Nichols

W&W: Odgen the horse thief (D)

Famous for: Days of Our Lives (Patch)


John Ratzenberger

W&W: Archie the horse thief (D)

Famous for: Cheers (Clifford "Cliff" C. Clavin Jr.)


Steven Williams

W&W: Death Trooper (K)

Famous for: 21 Jump Street (Capt. Adam Fuller)


Other Cast

Ryeland G. Allison (D). David Ankrum (K). Richard Blum (V). Robert Alan Browne - General (K). Rodger Bumpass (D). Robert Carneige - Guard #4 (S). Michael Crabtree (K). Michael Currie - King Richard Greystone (C). Alex Daniels (S). Christine DeLisle - Belldonna (U; K). Elyse Donalson (K). Troy Evans (D). Richard Fullerton - Card Player #1 (C). M.C. Gainey (K). Robert Gray - Injured Soldier (S). Emerson Hall (K). Chris Hendrie - Guard #3 (S). Chuck Hicks (K). Ken Hixon (U). Ron House (D). Chuck Hoyes (D). Brent Huff (U). Art La Fleur - Michael (R). Fred Lerner (K). George McDaniel - Hook (K). Kathleen McIntyre (U). Warren Munsen - Peasant (S). Piper Perry - Lucille (R). Tara Perry - Margaret (R). Bobby Porter - Lendar (R). George Marshall Ruge (K; S). Mark Douglas Sebastian (U). Alan Shearman (D). Joseph Robert Sicari - Goz Dunder (U). Steven Strong (U; K; C - The Grox). Professor Toru Tanaka - Baaldorf's Aide (R). Nancy Thiesen (U). Monique Van De Ven - Talia (D). Patrick Wright (D). Lonnie Wun - Baaldorf's Aide (U; R; S; V).




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