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We sent Marko out to get us some interviews, and he came back with an exclusive . . . with a horse, two weasels, and a newt. The cat declined to comment.

So we sent him out again, this time with very specific instructions. And boy, did he come through for us the second time. You'll find lots of interviews with assorted cast and crew, gathered from all over the Internet.

 Most exciting of all, among the chorus of W&W voices contained here are none other than Tim Dunigan, a.k.a. Geoffrey Blackpool; Phyllis Katz, a.k.a. Cassandra; James Frawley, director of the pilot (The Rescue); Peter Wooley, Production Designer; S. Bryan Hickox, Supervising Producer; Jay Kerr, a.k.a. Justin Greystone and the creator of Wizards and Warriors - Don Reo - all of whom were kind enough to conduct exclusive interviews with representatives of the W&W Mailing List!

Keep checking back -- you never know who we'll hear from next. Just between you and me, they say Marko has his eye on talking to a very important tadmon soon, by the name of Lucky . . .

Tim Dunigan
An exclusive interview with The Wizards and Warriors Mailing list. Two decades later, Tim Dunigan talks about Wizards and Warriors.
Phyllis Katz
The second of our exclusive interviews with members of the W&W cast/crew.  Phyllis Katz discusses playing Cassandra, working on the set of Sherman Oaks, and what's she's been doing lately.
James Frawley
The third of our exclusive interviews with W&W cast/crew members.  A behind-the-scenes look with James Frawley, director of the pilot episode The Rescue.
Peter Wooley
The fourth of our exclusive interviews with W&W cast/crew members.  Production Designer Peter Wooley gives an inside look into how the W&W sets were designed as well as how to fit a Grox in its appointed cavern.
S. Bryan Hickox
The fifth of our exclusive interviews with W&W cast/crew members.  Supervising Producer S. Bryan Hickox gives us his behind-the-scenes view of W&W, including "Wooley-isms."
Jay Kerr
The sixth of our exclusive interviews with W&W cast/crew members. Jay Kerr talks to us about the show, Justin "Case" Greystone's moral fiber and those intriguing Winslow Sisters. Also includes a link to Kerr's Five Mile Creek interview.
Don Reo
The seventh of our exclusive interviews with W&W cast/crew members. Show creator Don Reo shares some great behind-the-scenes stories and answers questions in a much more straightforward manner than, say, Belldonna.
Louise Huebner
The eighth of our exclusive interviews with W&W cast/crew and family members. W&W show illustrator Mentor Huebner passed away in 2001 and his widow, Louise Huebner, recently spoke with us about his life and prolific career.
Bill Bixby (off-site)
Interviews with Bill Bixby - A great resource of quotes taken from newspaper, magazine and television interviews. Includes Bixby's thoughts on a variety of topics, shows he appeared in and directed, links, and photos.
Jeff Conaway (off-site)'s Interview - Transcript of an on-line interview. Conaway is questioned about Babylon 5, Wizards and Warriors, and other topics. Mentions that his son was in a Wizards and Warriors episode.
Lee Holdridge (off-site)
Lee Holdridge: Orchestral Magic - Vance Brawley's interview with Holdridge (composer) - mentions the theme from Wizards and Warriors. Includes CD cover art, links to the Lee Holdridge site, ScoreLogue, and more.



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