Edwin Baaldorf in Vulkar's Revenge (8_109)

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You know, I think a lot of us share the same fantasy. A fantasy where we're smarter, stronger, better-looking, and have a lot fewer bills. A fantasy where we live in a land where chivalry isn't dead, barbarians rise from the dead on a regular basis, and you wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything less than leather, lace, or lamé. A fantasy where you can hang around sleazy taverns incognito and force royalty to marry you.

Okay, so maybe not that last part. But I think Serena -- er, Bethel -- is on to something here. Sometimes we'd all like to be someone else, somewhere else, for just a little while. And now, you can!

Here in the Land of Aperans, you're always welcome to assume an alternate identity and weave yourself into the fabric of our Role-Play Aperans, a parallel universe that's even stranger than the original. You can write fanfiction about your role-play character, post on an interactive bulletin board, or chat with other roleplayers in real-time. Just read "Galen's Guide to the W&W Mailing List Role-Play World" to get the lay of the land, then let your Inner Bethel hang loose. And feel free to insert your own innuendo here.


Rules and Forums

Guide to the W&W Mailing List Role-Play World by Galen Blackpool
The place to go first to get the quick and dirty lowdown on who's who, what's what, and who did what to whom. Don't leave Aperans without it!
W&W Mailing List and Chatroom
Post your role-play stories to the Mailing List, or post an invitation to schedule a live role-play session in our chatroom.



The Black Adder Strikes (Out) by Galen Blackpool
Anna Winslow (de Lio) proves once again that she is irresistible to short, devious men when a down-and-out Edmund Blackadder visits the Wild Rose Tavern.
Blue Mountain Goat Cheese by Kiri
The legend behind Geoffrey's favorite food (and sleep aid), from the chronicles of Grandma Winslow.
Coulter's Rage by Coulter
Usagi, Tyler, and Anna play Merry Men to Coulter's very explosive Robin Hood when Coulter decides to settle an old grudge against Dirk.
Crypt Breeze by Mo TCO
Something even worse than Dirk has shipwrecked on the coast of Aperans. Everybody grab your garlic!
Enter the Pyrotechnic by Coulter
Short story marking Coulter's introduction to the list.
Ristil's Tale by Ristil
Short story marking the Countess Ristil's introduction to the list.
Tamara's Epic by Tamara
Just when it looks as though Princess Tamara's love for Erik might finally be requited, a very hated face from her royal past comes calling . . .
Twisted Sister by Galen Blackpool
The Blackpools gain yet another long-lost sibling: Callisto! She's back from the dead, and she's eager for a family reunion.
Usagi's Story by Usagi
Usagi's future encounter with several unruly drunks at the Wild Rose Tavern indicates that the Bunny Girl is all grown up and a force to be reckoned with.




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