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Usagi's Story

by Usagi


A familiar face entered the tavern. A face you would haply lend money to, knowing that she would pay you back. She stood at only 4'11". At her side she had a katana and a short sword. She preferred samurai swords, they were light and effective. On the handle of the katana was a cloth with a red stain, from a war long ago. She had her ears tied over her head, so they wouldn't get in her way.

She looked around and saw Kiri. "Kiri!" She yelled over the noise of the tavern.

Kiri looked up and saw Usagi in the doorway coming towards her. "Usagi!" She put the ale that she was carrying down, and gave Usagi a hug. "Anna told me you might drop by,"

"I can't stay long, I am going to be gone for a wile." They walked over to the bar. "I just came to say good bye and to get some supplies.

"Where are you going?" Kiri asked.

"It's sort of a walk-a-bout," Usagi explained, "MO told me that to find what I'm looking for I have to walk, and keep walking, and when I find what I'm looking for, I come home."

"I didn't know you were looking for anything."

"Neither did I." Usagi paused, "But, MO's cryptic that way."

"Tell me 'bout it." Kiri said. "So what do you want?"

"Well," Usagi thought about it, "Some steamed carrots, water, bread, you know the essentials."

"I'll see what I can do." Kiri walked to the kitchen. As Usagi waited, three men came into the tavern. Even though they were stone drunk, they called for ale. She could smell them from where she was standing. Flies buzzed around them. She looked at the men in disgust. They turned to her. She looked away but it was too late, they noticed her.

"Lookie at what we have here." The front one said, "a little bunny" they walked over to her.

"I know her," another slurred. "She's one of MO's Freaks," They walked up so close that the she could hear the flies buzzing around. They really were disgusting. "Look, she's all fuzzy," He reached out to touch her hand. She jerked it away. She turned away from them. 'Keep cool' she said mentally. 'they are just a couple of idiots.'

"Go away." She stated. Haven't these guys ever heard of a fly-swatter? Where was Kiri?

"I am sooo scared. What are you going to do huh? Poke us with your tooth picks?" Usagi assumed that the man in back was talking about her swords. 'Let it go' she thought again. "Or maybe she'll send out her Attack "Rats". She spun around facing them. Insulting HER was one thing, but making cracks about her Chihuahuas was a whole different matter. She took out her Katana. She sliced the air, then sheathed her sword. The men turned pale and stood stone still.

Kiri came back with her food. "Put it on my tab" Usagi said, then left.

"S-she missed!" the men said.

"She couldn't even touch us".

"I hope she'll be OK." Kiri said to her self. Kiri started to walk away.

"Wait a minute, this fly is cut in half," One of the men said. "So is this one. And this one."

"They all are."

Kiri smiled "She'll be just fine" Kiri walked back to the kitchen.


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