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Like what you see? Want to be a part of it? Well, then, why not join the W&W Mailing List? As Bethel can attest, there are numerous advantages to signing up as a Minion of Blackpool. For one thing, there's the health plan. Dirk lets you keep breathing.

Seriously, you can talk about the show, write fanfiction, contribute to the website, and get to know a whole bunch of new and interesting people -- then rest secure in the comforting knowledge that they all live really far away from you.

Feel chatty? Try our live chat options. Feel productive? Try making something for the website. Feel an irrational lust for power? Sorry, Dirk's not sharing.

Come on, introduce yourself and jump right in. 9 out of 10 Listians agree -- it's more fun than hanging Geoffrey upside-down from the North Tower!

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BeSeen Chatroom
BeSeen closed their free services, including the chat rooms, as of 8/19/02. We are exploring alternatives. If you have any suggestions, please contact Crownhelm. W&W list members may wish to use the chat option available to members.
Contributing to the Website
Dirk has the utmost respect for those who work with the World Wide Web ever since we convinced him that it involves battling giant spiders. Want to work with us? If you'd like to type transcripts, contribute writing or art, supply an idea for a new feature, or assist in any non-coding area, we'd love the help! Just e-mail Crownhelm, the website coordinator. No spiders required.



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