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"No high magic. No reading of The Book." How's an evil wizard supposed to fill those long and lonely hours without a monocle, anyway? He can read our fanfiction, for one thing. And so can you!

On these pages you'll find our own "Book" -- tales of everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. This being Aperans, expect more of the ridiculous. And please, if you like what you read, e-mail the author and say so! Vector isn't big on compliments, you know. Perhaps you'll even be inspired to write your own chapter(s) to expand our never-ending chronicle of Aperans. We'd love to see it.

So please, pull up a chair and take a look. Vector doesn't mind you reading over his shoulder. Honestly.

Birthday Greetings
Vector's conjured up a birthday fairy to inspire the citizens of Aperans to send special greetings on Listian birthdays. Read birthday wishes from Dirk, Erik, Justin, Geoffrey, Bethel, Marko, and many more!
Fractured Tales
Thrice-told and twice as twisted, Geoffrey likes these W&W-themed takes on classic jokes even better than a gourmet cheese platter.
The place where the original show never really ended! Dirk loves these further adventures of all your favorite citizens of Aperans, since here he stands at least a slim chance of winning.
Any creature that won't fit elsewhere, including top-10 lists, a drinking game, unique poetry, and other monstrously funny misfits.
Have you ever longed to fondle Dirk's leather thingies? Knock Erik unconscious? See Justin shirtless? Well, now you can! See how we make Dirk and Vector's (and everyone else's) lives just a little more miserable through the magic of fanfic with a personal touch.
Be King for a day . . . or Queen . . . or whatever takes your fancy. If you like disguises as much as Bethel does, explore our role-play universe where anyone can create their own Aperanian "avatar" and rub shoulders with the original characters from the show.
Join Bethel and Vector for a lively round of karaoke. It's filking so funny, you'll long for "Wizards and Warriors: The Musical."
Fanfiction by Authors
Find all your favorites by your favorite authors at a glance. Would Talia steer you wrong?
Fanfiction Submission Policy
Dirk's Rules of War -- er, writing.


Several list members have copies of some fanzines published in the 80's, including "The Monocle I" and "The Monocle II."  We know other fanzines exist, such as "Crossed Swords," so please e-mail the list if you have copies of said fanzines and would be willing to share/sell/trade.  If you'd like a copy of the fanzines we do have, you are welcome to e-mail the list and make your request.  There are no guarantees, but someone may be in a good mood that day and volunteer.  Offering to bribe heavily with chocolates may better your chances considerably.




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