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by Galen Blackpool


Many of the mailing list members (or "listians") have created their own characters to inhabit the world of Wizards and Warriors. Sometimes, the list members write their messages and speak in chats as if they were the characters. Other times, they simply use the characters in fanfiction stories. These new characters range from the dramatic to the downright silly, but all are memorable.

Below is a list that describes many of the various listian-created characters. If you'd like to learn more about some of these characters, contact the listian responsible for the creation of the character in question. The appropriate listian will be listed in the character's entry.

Always ask permission before using someone else's character in a story.

(Characters are in alphabetical order based on first name.)

Queen Anna Winslow de Lio (Anna M.C.) - the owner/manager of the Wild Rose Tavern, and also queen of a magical extra-dimensional realm. Anna gained her title after marrying the dashing (but short) King Antoine de Lio. Though Anna never dreamed that she'd marry a cat who was transformed into a human, she's found Antoine to be a good husband. Despite becoming royalty, Anna still finds time to run the tavern and is still the friendly, well-liked woman she's always been. Anna is a rarity in that she is the only known Winslow sister that can't cook.

King Antoine de Lio (Mo TCO) - A cat that was transformed into a human by the mysterious magic-user, Mo. Antoine now rules as king of Mo's otherworldly realm. An expert fencer and master of social graces, Antoine makes quite a grand impression on people, despite his rather short stature.

Callisto Blackpool (Galen Blackpool) - it turns out that Xena's arch enemy is the illegitimate daughter of Saris Blackpool. Years ago, Saris visited the village of Cirra where Callisto's mother lived. When he left, he was unaware she was pregnant. When Callisto was still a girl, a band of marauders led by Xena burned Cirra to the ground (against Xena's orders, it should be pointed out), killing the only family Callisto knew and destroying her sanity. Callisto has made one fixation after another the focus of her life. First it was vengeance against Xena, then when she found that to be unsatisfying she became fixated on self-destruction. Upon learning the truth about her heritage, Callisto's latest fixation is on her siblings. She pictures them as her loving family, a replacement for what she lost years ago. Since she hasn't gone on any homicidal rampages since 'getting her family back' - nobody seems eager to point out that the Blackpools are not the ideal family that she believes them to be.

Commander Coo (Galen Blackpool) - a militant pigeon with a revolutionary spirit. Coo founded and organized the Pigeon Liberation Front (PLF) to protect the welfare of pigeons across Aperans. His motivation to found such an organization was due to a number of trained carrier pigeons meeting their demise at the hands of various individuals. Coo personally organized the "air strike" against Dirk Blackpool (unfortunatey hitting Geoffrey Blackpool instead). Still, the incident did demonstrate the effectiveness of the PLF's air force. No one who wittnessed the attack has been able to forget the terrifying cries (well, coos) of "Death from above!" Nor can anyone forget the stench of the pigeons' organic bombardment.

Ebbe Liu (Galen Blackpool) - a master martial artist and former bounty hunter. He eventually grew sickened by the violence of his life and turned away from combat to become a fisherman. Ebbe first met Galen Blackpool and Miko in his homeland years ago. He was instantly drawn to Miko, but knew she was in love with Galen. Recently, he came to Aperans after learning Miko's life was in danger. After helping her avoid a tragic end, Ebbe decided to stay in Aperans. He now acts as one of Galen Blackpool's most trusted advisors. Now that Miko has resolved her feelings for Galen, she and Ebbe have started to grow closer.

Gabrielle (Ash) - the heroic bard. Gabrielle is Xena's best friend and valiant ally. Gabrielle's poems and stories have become widely read throughout Aperans, and she has many devoted fans.

Prince Galen Blackpool (Galen Blackpool) - the youngest Blackpool. Galen ran away from home when he was 12, unhappy with his harsh father and eldest brother. Determined to prove himself as a great warrior, he ended up in the far east where he became a master swordsman and martial artist. Recently he returned to Aperans with his faithful servant, Miko. Galen is becoming known as the 'white sheep' of the Blackpool family, though he still is mistrusted by some because of his name. He and Xena have a grudging respect for each other - though most would not mistake them for friends or even cordial acquaintances. He has managed become good friends with Xena's sidekick Gabrielle. Galen has claimed his own Karteian province, Thornwood, and rules there from Castle Bryer.

Ian (Galen Blackpool) - a loyal servant of Prince Galen. Ian is a native of Thornwood and takes great pride in serving his province's new ruler. Naturally very intelligent, Ian nontheless feels he is not taken seriously by many due to his youhtful appearance. Though of average height, he appears to most to be several years younger than his actual age of 20 summers.

Kiri Winslow (Kiri)- the co-owner/co-manager of the Wild Rose Tavern. Kiri has always been a wizard in the kitchen, but recently she became a real magic user. Off on an adventure that involved Mo, Kiri gained the ability to cast spells. She is now a wizardling, and in training to develop her power fully. Kiri has long had her eye on Geoffrey Blackpool, but whether they can form a lasting relationship has yet to be seen.

Miko (Galen Blackpool) - a highly skilled ninja. Miko came to Aperans in the service of Galen Blackpool. While always an outstanding servant and good companion, Miko kept secret the fact that she was in love with Galen. Eventually matters between them got to the point that Miko confessed her feelings. Though they did not become involved romantically, Miko remains Galen's closest friend. She currently acts as one of Galen's most trusted advisors, as does her good friend, Ebbe Liu.

Lady Mo Blackpool (Mo TCO) - the eldest child of Saris, Mo's birth was illegitimate. Her mother was apparently some sort of sorceress or magical being from another dimension. While Mo never had any claim on her father's throne, he did raise her to be a cruel and evil tyrant. She was feared in her youth when she was known as the marauding Black Unicorn. She also proved adept at sorcery and was tutored in the art by Vector. What is known is that she left her home when her brother Dirk was 10 years old. When she was next seen in Aperans, Mo was the ruler of an extra-dimensional kingdom. She has since given up her rulership of this magical place, but continues to reside there. Mo is truly an enigma and her actions are often confusing. Whether she is just insane or working on some hidden plan is a mystery.

Countess Ristil MacCathail (Ristil) - a Karteian noblewoman, Ristil was a childhood playmate of the Blackpool princes. When she got older, Ristil went off to sea to seek adventure. She loved being a sailor, but she had to return to rule her county upon the death of her father and brother. While she has no hostility toward the southern kingdoms, she takes her oath to Karteia very seriously. Her main motivation is to serve and protect the people of her county.

Princess Tamara Tronin (Tamara) - the younger sister of King Alexander, Tamara was shipped off to boarding school when her brother took the throne. A spirited young woman, she found school to be boring and ran away to Camarand. She now spends her time working part time at the famous Wild Rose Tavern, where she's made many friends. Tamara has been infatuated with Erik Greystone for years, and he has recently been made aware of her feelings.

Lady Trisha (Trisha) - one of the late King Tronin's many ex-wives (not the mother of Alexander and Tamara). After being cast aside by the King for an even younger woman, Trisha wound up in Karteia where she became involved with Dirk Blackpool. Back then, Dirk was not yet a heartless tyrant, but still their relationship did not work out. Trisha still has a soft spot for Dirk, a fact the he sometimes exploits to his advantage.

Usagi Claire (Usagi)- the bunny girl. Usagi is a native of Monigold and a humanoid rabbit. While she is a young and very friendly girl, no one has ever doubted Usagi's bravery. After all, her father is a general and head of the Claire Hare clan, and she does control a pack of the dreaded tracking Chihuahuas.

Princess Xena Greystone (Xena) - the twin sister of Justin, Xena is a true warrior princess. She was separated from her family at a very young age and grew up unaware of her heritage. As a young woman, she started down a dark path, becoming a feared warlord as she traveled the world. Eventually she turned back to the light and became a great hero. Not that long ago, Xena learned she was actually a Greystone and returned to Aperans with her sidekick and good friend, Gabrielle. [Note that this character is not identical to the Xena of the TV series. She has not had every adventure and experience of the TV character, so don't assume you know her history just because you've seen the show. Also, there are some differences in appearance. The list Xena has two tone hair color: blonde as Erik in front, dark as Justin in back (she claims it's natural, but only her hairdresser knows for sure). Also, her trusty steed, Argo is a horse of a different color.] Like her twin, Justin, Xena has voluntarily given up her claim to the throne.

Zakiyah (Lesley) - a mysterious dancer from another land, Zakiyah lets most people think of her as a gypsy entertainer. However she also seems to have some secret from her past following her.


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