Vector in Night of Terror (4_22)

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A Visit from the Past

by G.E.Hill/Celine L.


Vector stood there watching the vision scope. He could see all of his world and sometimes other places too. Though that took a lot of power. Without his monocle, he didn't have a lot of power, but he did pull off a trick or two that he shouldn't have been able to do. He smiled oh so slightly.

The vision scope popped and a face appeared. The Wizard was very surprised by it. The face belonged to a woman from Vector's past.

"Hello Vector," said a voice.

"How are you doing this? You can't possibly be able to do this," said Vector as calmly as he could.

"You know, Vector, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You taught me that a long time ago. Oh, do you mind if I call you Vector? I could call you . . ."

"Vector is fine. Now how are you doing this? You're dead and I don't believe in ghosts. Unless I am calling them forth."

"Oh, you don't believe in a lot of things, don't you? Well that is OK, Vector. I do like saying that. Vector. It has such a ring to it. Doesn't it . . ."

"UsaMarie, you will behave yourself. I will not stand for this type of behavior."

"Oh Vector you still care, that is so sweet - sickly, but sweet." A hand reached of the vision scope and touched Vector's arm. The Wizard jumped back.

"How can you do that? You are dead."

"Well, Vector, things aren't as they seem. Don't worry, I am not here to . . . bother you." A smile appeared on her face. "I am here just to say hello. To let you know that I miss you. I really do. Though I don't think I really should be back in your life. I understand things have been happening there. I just bet you were so surprised when the monocle disappeared on you. I can see things that happen there even though I am not there. Well not really there. I am not really anywhere anymore. Thanks to you. But all is forgiven and forgotten. Truly, Vector, it is."

Vector moved farther away from the vision scope, was backing forwards the door. "UsaMarie, I have to leave now. Prince Blackpool will be waiting for me in the counsel chambers. I must serve him."

"You serve a mortal? Now that is a joke. You have only served yourself Vector and you know it. If Dirk Blackpool hadn't stolen your monocle you wouldn't give him the time of day and you know it." The hand reached through once more and took a hold of the outer rim of the scope and held on as a body came through.

There stood a women with her blonde hair pulled back so all of her face could be seen. The hazel eyes were shining now. They looked like they were about to become alive themselves. She stretched and took in a deep breath.

"It feels good to stretch and breathe like this. I haven't done it in such a long time. By the way, Vector, the door is locked from the outside, and you don't have enough power to pop out of here so get comfy. We will be talking for awhile, I think."

Vector turned and ran for the door. He tried to open it. The thing wouldn't move. He turned back around to the woman. "You can't hurt me. Your dead and dead things can't come back to life without magic. No one knows about you, so no could have brought you back."

"Well, you are wrong on one point, Vector. Someone does know about me. You are forgetting yourself. That someone is very much alive. He remembers me. He even talks to me, well, when he isn't too busy, that is."


"Now you are cooking with gas. Yes, Marko remembers me. Michael does too, a little, but that's OK. Yes, my old buddy remembers me, but don't let that bother you. He never knew about you and me. Well, heckfire, no one knows about us. So stop worrying, would you? I just wanted to talk to you . . ."

"Stop thinking of that word. You must never use it in your thoughts again. I command it," yelled Vector.

"You are still a pushy wizard, aren't you? That was the only thing I never liked about you. You were right even if you were wrong. You will never get someone to love or care about you if you keep that up. You need someone to love you like I do, Vector. Unconditional love is what you need and that Dirk Blackpool. Man, are you two made out of the same stuff. Black hearts, no soul. You two keep it up and you guys will end up someplace that will make this place look like it was heaven. " UsaMarie stopped talking and wandered over to the window and looked out. She seemed lost someplace else. She was humming some music that Vector had never heard before.

"I wish, Vector, I could show you all the things I've seen since I died." She laughed when she said died. "I've seen sunrises on planets with 2 suns. The way it looked is so was cool. I've seen people of all kinds together in groups with nothing in common but peace. I've seen the love in their faces. It's wonderful. I want you to know of it. I want to see you happy before your time is up. Well, since you live for hundreds of years, your time isn't even close to being up, but you know what I mean." She turned around to look at Vector. He stood by the door, with his eyes closed, and he was mumbling something to himself.

"By the power of the book I command thee to do my bidding. Gathering all the forces to me now I command thee.. . . ." said Vector.

"Oh come on, try something new, would you? Let me help you. GATHER THE ELEMENT ALL AROUND AND DO THE BIDDING. BE GONE TO THE PLACE YOU WERE BEFORE." Smoke rose up around the woman.

Vector smiled and turned back to the door. It still didn't open. He whipped back around, the smoke was clearing now. There stood UsaMarie. She smiled at the Wizard.

"You can't get rid of me like that. I came here on my own and I will leave the same way, so cool your jets." She moved across the room to the wizard. She reached out for him. Vector just moved away from her and hit the door behind him.

"Stay away from me, Usa. You are dead and I want you to stay that way. I know I . . ."

"Yes Vector, you did kill me, but I don't hold it against you. I really should, but I don't. I love you Vector. Man I am crazy, but I love you. It's still unconditional love. No matter what you do, I still love you." She smiled at him and reached out and took his hand in hers.

"VECTOR," yelled Dirk Blackpool. "Sleeping on my time. I won't have you wasting time. We are fighting a battle with those twits from the South. If you don't come up with a spell that will help defeat them then you can go back to the Castle then."

Vector rose from the chair he was sleeping in. "It was a dream?"

"What are you talking about Vector?"

"I was having a nightmare, M'Lord. That is all." He walked over to the table to look at the map. "M'Lord, how far are we from Crackon?"

"Crackon? Vector, that place was destroyed a hundred years ago."

"Yes I know, but how close are we to were it use to be?"

"It would be on this spot if I remember correctly. Why? What does that have to do with the battle?"

"Nothing at all, my Lord. I have to go find some flowers, my lord. I need to leave them for someone that I used to know. I will be leaving now." The Wizard spoke in a dreamlike way. It was soft and very far away. Vector disappeared.

"Vector, you can't leave now! Wizards, I hate them all," said Dirk as he went back to looking at the map.


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