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Birthday Greetings

Anna M.C.
Vector's Monocle


From: Our Listian Vector
Subject: A Birthday Greeting to Das Monocle (phoebe)

My Dearest Monocle,

As I awoke this morning from a glorious dream of conquest, the heads of my enemies lying at my feet, I felt almost melancholy remembering the days that you were mine. I do sincerely miss you, my sweet. The lovely green glow you used to cast in my chambers at night is sadly gone. I felt that you should know that, of course, I remembered today was the day of your creation, and that makes it a day that I shall always treasure.

Would that I could join you, my pet. Unfortunately I am still at the beck and call of the elder Prince Blackpool here in Karteia. However, it could be worse - I could be at the mercy of his insipid brother. Cheese sandwich indeed!

I wanted to assure you that I will have you back one day my dearest. It may even surprise you that I don't feel particularly jealous, that you prefer to rest on Dirk's muscular chest rather than mine. You'll come around one day soon. We have a history, you and I.

Remember conjuring up the lightning hawks on that lovely, stormy night in the Land of Storms? Ah, the smell of the foulest creatures in Aperans was drifting on the humid air. The scent still lingers in my nostrils (and on the robe I wore that evening - it used to be my favorite).

However, there were recent rumors that you served a concoction called *lightning hawk tea* at some kind of gathering. Larry the Lightning Hawk was livid! It took several days for me to calm him down. It would be quite distressing if I didn't know that you'd never dream of doing such a thing.

Ah well, in the great cosmic scheme of things it doesn't matter. true or no. What does matter is our destiny. Have a wonderful day my darling. I know that I will forever be thinking of you and I only hope that you would spare a thought or two for your former master.

Highest Regards,


From: phoebe suzanne michels
Subject: A Birthday Greeting to Das Monocle (phoebe).

Dearest Master, I think of you at regular intervals. You know how every Tuesday evening you get that horrible little spasm in your, um, back? It's me. Or perhaps it's the past few centuries catching up with you...I do think of you, dearie, but be careful what ye wish for :->)

Many thanks for the birthday wish. It's been stored in me files and will come back to haunt you.

Auf wiedersehen!

-Das Monocle


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