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Birthday Greetings

Anna M.C.
Vector's Monocle


From: Justin Greystone
Subject: Birthday Greetings to CJ

Well, hey there, darlin'!

This is your favorite prince, droppin' by to wish you a very happy birthday. Sorry I'm a bit late with the greetin's and salutations, but as I'm very sure you know, I've been a bit busy with ol' Geoffrey, here, tryin' to figure out what's got Vector in a snit and what's been causin' Dirk to act like Tanya Harding. Although, come to think of it, that's pretty normal behavior for both f ‘em, more or less. Worse yet, it's pretty plain that I'm gonna be the one stuck supplyin' most of the brain power in this little dynamic duo. Not to mention the charm and the good looks, too. ; ) Not that that's out of the ordinary, either. Even though Erik gets all the spotlight, I always end up havin' to save the day.

Ah, well, stayin' in the shadows is fine for me most of the time. People don't expect as much of you, and you get a lot more quality drinkin' and gamblin' time to yourself. Just between you and me, though, I kinda relish the attention this little story of yours is givin' me. You keep it up, y'hear? It should do wonders for my reputation with those Winslow sisters. Not that I need any help,mind. ; )

Anyway, CJ, I'd best be movin' along before Geoffrey makes too much of a mess of things wanderin' off by himself; he's about as overwhelmed as a poison sniffin' badger at a Blackpool wine-tastin' party right now. Once I've got all this in hand, though (which shouldn't take too long, right? I mean, savin' the world now and then is fine and all, but it does kinda cut into my personal time), maybe you and I could get together and get a little better acquainted; my place always has a warm fire with a real nice bearskin rug to relax on (the Rains of Death didn't damage it too much, really). I'd sure like to try some of that famous hot Louisiana cookin' of yours. I'm ‘specially interested to hear just why they call you "that Crazy Cajun." Although I like what I've heard so far. ; )


From: CJ
Subject: Re: Birthday Greetings to CJ

Oh my! Birthday greeting from Aperans' most famous playboy. What more could a girl want? Jewels, a cruise around the world, a vacation home in the tropics...Where was I? Oh yes. Thanking you for your note.

My dear prince, I gladly accept your invitation to get better acquainted once this silliness is over. I should warn you that I'm, that is, my cooking is too much for some to handle. The spices can be unbelievably "hot". I wouldn't want you to get singed. If you feel up to the challenge - let me know. You supply the wine; I'll supply the dinner.



From: Anna M.C.
Subject: Birthday Story for CJ -- Fractured Fairy Tale

For the purposes of this story, you need only understand that 1. CJ has an aunt who is the Most Evil Relative Under the Sun, 2. For reasons too long and bizarre to explicate here, Kiribati exerts a powerful thrall over CJ as the ultimate Vacation Destination, and, in case you've been living under a rock, 3. CJ hates Erik and loves Justin.

Happy birthday, CJ!

Anna M.C.

Little Red Cajun Hood

From: CJ
Subject: Re: Birthday Story for CJ -- Fractured Fairy Tale

Oh wow! You continually astound me with your talent Anna. Bravo!

I noticed you failed to mention the Fais-do-do that Voodoo Witch Bethel threw to celebrate the addition of the stuffed gator to her collection. Not too surprising since you spent the entire party hoarding all the pralines. : )

I must remember to send Bethel a note about how I think the scrap of shiny gold lame' hanging from the gator's mouth gives it such a touch of class.

Well, I must run. Justin and I want to go sunbathe on Kiribati's beach again.




From: Anna M.C.
Subject: Birthday Story for CJ -- Love Voodoo II

I've put in enough backstory that you don't need to read the original Love Voodoo, but if you'd like a refresher, read Love Voodoo.

And without further ado, may I present:  Love Voodoo II:  Love Hurts. And happy birthday, CJ!


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