Ariel Baaldorf in The Kidnap (2_133)

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Birthday Greetings

Anna M.C.
Vector's Monocle


From: Anna M.C.
Subject: Birthday Greetings to Princess Ariel.

Well, Princess, looks like Geoffrey left a card for you here at the tavern:

Ariel's birthday card

It's . . . um . . . interesting.

May your birthday be filled with leather and lace and nothing that explodes,

Anna M.C.


From: Dirk Blackpool
Subject: Birthday Greetings for Princess Ariel.


Well, well. Once again the anniversary of your birth rolls around, Princess Ariel. Rather like General Kane's head after his execution. Somewhat bothersome and a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards.

Geoffrey has recovered nicely from his recent trip to Wisconsin, but he's waiting for you elsewhere, so I'll have to pass along his greetings to you. Vector is unaccountably ill after dining at the tavern *smirks slightly* and Bethel is off somewhere with my brother, Galen. *raises an eyebrow in distaste, unrolls a scroll and puts it on the table* I can't tell you how much it thrills me to deliver this myself. I certainly hope you appreciate it. *flicks at her hair with his dagger just for 'fun'*


Prince Dirk Blackpool

*the Prince exits - the scroll is open on the table - it reads as follows*

Dearest Princess Ariel -

You are the essence of radiance and. oh, I already used that one before, didn't I? Oh, and the one about your dainty feet. Fat lot of good that did me. But I can understand how you felt about being kidnapped and everything. So, first, I wanted to apologize.

Second, I was thinking maybe you could meet me at that nice little tavern we went to before - I have a quiet table by the fireplace reserved for us. You can drink those Pinky Surprises you like so much and I thought we could play a game of Monopoly. It's one of my favorite games. Dirk's too. Oh, no, wait a minute. He likes that one called Tyranny. Or was it the one called Oppression? Different games. Still fun though.

And, since it's your birthday and everything, I've got something for you. No, it's not ticking this time. Besides, weather vanes are SO out. Especially ones with unicorns on them. Actually, I had the chef sauté fresh mushrooms that I picked myself from a spot Vector showed me this morning. I don't know why he kept smirking though. That's something my brother usually does a lot of. Wait. Actually, he *was* doing a lot of that at the castle today. But, never mind them. This is about you and your special day. Oh, and me.

I hope you'll meet me at the tavern. I will wait for your presence to light the room and to hear your heavenly voice. Oh, and did I mention that I have a little something in a leather bag for you too?

Yours truly,

Prince Geoffrey Blackpool


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