Erik Greystone in The Kidnap (2_51)

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Thrice-Told Tale #6

Erik Greystone

by Rus Hall


Erik Greystone had taken command of the Eastern Army. Rumor had it that morale was a little down. Turned out, the foot soldiers were unhappy at their treatment by the officers. They thought that the upper echelons were too callous. So, Erik decided to see what he could do. On the first day as official Commander, he received a letter by Fax (Fax being the name of the messenger boy). It said the the mother of one of the soldiers had died and that he would be needed back home for the funeral.

So in the early morning meeting, he said to Captain Bolger, "Footman Bryce's mother just passed away. Please relay the bad news and send him in to see me."

"Yes Sir." said the Captain.

So, Bolger called for the morning formation and lined up the troops. "Listen up men," said the Captain. "Johnson report to the mess hall. Wiggins report guard post one for guard duty. The rest of you will start the normal drills. Oh and by the way, Bryce, your mother kicked the bucket, report to the Commander for further information."

When Erik heard what happened he called the Captain into his tent. "Umm Captain Bolger, that was a pretty cold way to inform a young soldier that his mother just died. Please be a little more tactful, next time. Morale is already pretty low."

"Yes Sir." said the Captain.

The following day the Prince received another message; this one by "Telling" Graham (one of the other messenger boys). It seemed that another soldier had lost a mother. So, Erik called in the Captain.

"Bolger," he said, "McGrath's mother just passed away. Relay the news to him, but try a different method than yesterday. Remember, be tactful."

"Yes Sir." said the Captain.

So, during the morning formation Captain Bolger said, "O.K. men, listen up. Everyone that has a mother take two steps forward. NOT So fast, McGrath."


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