Marko in The Kidnap (2_12)

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Thrice-Told Tale #10


by Rus Hall

One day Marko was relaxing in the woods.  It was a beautiful spring day and he was determined to take advantage of this respite between daring do's. So, he started to drift off to sleep.  However, he was awoken by a small, plaintive cry.  He searched around and finally found where it was coming from.  It was a tiny slug that looked as if it was wounded.

Concern filling his voice, Marko said, "What happened fella?"

To which the slug replied, "Oh it was terrible.  I was mugged by a couple of turtles."

"Turtles?" He said, not knowing any turtle delinquents in these parts.  "Did you get a good look at them?  Maybe we could track them down.  Tell me everything."

"Well" said the slug, "It all happened so fast . . . "

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