Dirk Blackpool in Caverns of Chaos (6_19)

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1. The Unicorn of Death
2. The Kidnap
3. The Rescue
4. Night of Terror
5. Skies of Death
6. Caverns of Chaos
7. The Dungeon of Death
8. Vulkar's Revenge
Unfilmed - The Games

Caverns of Chaos


Aired April 30, 1983

The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Don Reo, and Don Reo Productions, all rights reserved. The following transcript is in no way a substitute for the show "Wizards and Warriors" and is merely meant as homage. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Don Reo, Don Reo Productions, or Warner Bros Television.

For full text transcript version (transcribed by Crownhelm):

Act One Act Two Act Three Act Four



Jeff Conaway
Walter Olkewicz
Duncan Regehr
Julia Duffy
and Clive Revill as Vector

Created by Don Reo

Supervising Producer - S. Byran Hickox
Produced by Bill Richmond & Robert Earll
Written by Don Reo
Directed by Paul Krasny

Executive Producers - Don Reo & Judith D. Allison

Executive Story Consultant - Paul F. Edwards
Associate Producer - Dennis C. Duckwall

Guest Starring: Ian Wolfe as Wizard Traquill, Jay Kerr as Justin, Tim Dunigan as Geoffrey, Randi Brooks as Bethel, Michael Currie as King Richard Greystone

Featuring: Richard Fullerton as Card Player #1, Steven Strong as The Grox

Director Of Photography - Richard Glouner, A.S.C.
Production Designer - Peter Wooley
Costumes Designed by Theadora Van Runkle
Music by Lee Holdridge & Alf Clausen
Unit Production Manager - Robert G. Stone
1st Assistant Director - Steve Fisher
2nd Assistant Director - John J. Eyler
Editor - Dennis C. Duckwall
Music Editor - Martin Bram
Sound Editor - Sound FX, Inc.
Sound Mixer - Bud Maffett
Set Decorator - Travis Nixon
Property Master - Bill Dietz
Special Effects - Richard E. Johnson
Script Supervisor - Alan Greedy
Makeup Artist - Tom Tuttle
Hair Stylist - Dorothy Andre
Costume Supervisors - Bruce R. Hogard & Buffy Snyder
Casting - Melissa Skoff
Assistant to the executive producers - Mark A. Thomson

A Don Reo Production


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