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One Lost Vampire, Well Sort Of!

by G.E.Hill/Celine L.

Vector stood at the visionscope looking around his own world. He knew that some day it would be all his. All he had to do was get rid of some other the bothers, he turned his head so he could see Prince Dirk Blackpool sitting at his desk writing poetry. Vector liked most of the poems, at least it wasn't any of that flowery stuff the listians like to write to or about them. Though the few he had seen about himself, wasn't too bad.

It had been awhile since they had heard or seen the listians too. Vector waved his hand at the visionscope to see what they had been up to. Reading some of the emails, Vector quickly started to look at the people from the list. The Wizard saw most of them, Anna...Mo...Dawn...the list went on in his head. There was someone missing from the cast of luster's. He couldn't figure it out. Closing his eyes, Vector went through the list one more time. Yes there was one missing from the emails and personal looking on. He opened his eyes when he saw a bat fly by the window. Yes that is who it is, CelineV, the day walking Vampire.

Vector was a wizard without a monocle and should have been able to do hardly anything, but he was a man of great many things that no one knew anything about. That is why he could do so much without the monocle. Reaching deep down in himself, the wizard pulled out a bit more magic and went looking for the missing Vampire. Mist filled up the visionscope and nothing else came forward on the it.

"M'Lord," said Vector to Prince Dirk.

"Vector, do you know a word that rhymes with gutted?" said Dirk from the desk without turning around.

"I will have to think about it, M'Lord, the reason I called you was to tell you something."

Dirk slowly put down his quill and turned completely to face the Wizard. "What is it?"

"One of the listian is missing from the emails and from her house." The Wizard watched the Princes face starting to turn colors.

"And this is suppose to be important to me, WHY?" said the Prince a little loud.

It's CelineV and she has been missing for awhile. Even when she no longer had the computer at home, she would go to the Library and use one of theirs, but she hasn't done that either. The listian have noticed and they are worried about it. Celine never said anything to anyone about going away. I started to think that maybe something could have happened to her and ..."

"Why would I care about her or any of it, Vector? She is just one of the raging hormones that follow my every movement and every word that comes out of my mouth." Dirk got up from his chair and walked over to the wizard. "Do you think she'll come back or will she be gone forever? Might she be able to take a few of the others with her?"

"Your Highness, remember she was the only one that was able to take out Greystone. He did come to later on, but she did knock him out for awhile with her Tie Con Du."

"Yes that is true.."

"Hey Dirk," said Prince Geoffrey Blackpool as he kicked in the door. "Look what I found in the hall." In his arms was CelineV. She seemed to be asleep. Geoffrey moved Dirk's chair around so he could sit down with the Vampire in his arms. "So what do you think she is wearing? CelineV had clothes on that were strange to them. She was wearing a shirt and pants. Geoffrey touched the martial, it was heavy. "What is the thing on her foot too?"

Dirk walked over to the chair and touched the object on her foot. It was hard to the touch. It felt strange too. There were pictures all over it too. Dirk pulled up the pant leg and saw the thing went a ways up her leg. "Shall we cut it off and see what is under it?" said the elder Blackpool with a smile. Pulling his sword out, the Prince raised it above his head.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said a male voice.

Everyone turned toward the window to see a man dressed all in black and silver studs. He was carrying a sword too, but his right hand was drawn back and his hand was glowing blue.

"Since I am not you and this is my castle, I will do what I want. CELINE," yelled Dirk.

"Gees Dirk, don't yell, I can hear you," Celine as she woke. She looked around and found herself in the Blackpool Castle. Ares, the Greek God of War was in the window with a bolt in his hand and Dirk was standing over her with a sword in his hands. Man when I dream, I need to control things better then this, thought the woman. She moved and notice Geoffrey was behind her. She touched his shoulder. "Oh shit I am not dreaming am I?" The Vampire reached up to her ears and pulled something out.

"No Celine," Vector. He moved so he could be seen by the Vampire.

"Ares what the hell is going on here?" said Celine from Geoffrey's lap.

"You wanted to come here and visit your friends, so I brought you here so you could. This jerk (pointing at Dirk) wanted to chop your cast off to see what was under it. I stopped him," said the God of War.

"Who is this cretin?" yelled Dirk.

"I'm not wearing my earplugs, Dirk. I can fricken a hear you well enough now. You don't have to yell at me. Geoff, could you a TUG and find me a chair to sit in by myself. I don't want to became an object that some people on the other side would kill me about because I sat too long in your lap." Geoffrey smiled at her and got up and put her down in the chair, by herself. Well that may have saved me, but hopefully no one will every find out about this little trip over here. I may just yet live a little longer. I am going to throw in here a big OH BOY, TOO. Ares, could you please get rid of that bolt and Dirk, could you put the sword down, PLEASE???? I will try to explain everything to you all." She just looked at Dirk and he lowed the sword and put it away. Ares sat in there for a second and throw the energy bolt out the window behind him. There was a big bang a second or two later. Ares just smiled at the group.

"Man this is what I get for lusting after guys in black leather and nasty tempers. I would to introduce to you, Prince Dirk Blackpool, Prince Geoffrey Blackpool and Wizard Vector, Ares the Greek God of War. Before you ask, Greece is a country on the planet Earth. The Gods ruled over the planet a very long time ago, but Ares never moved on with the other gods. He was just too busy making wars here and there and everywhere. Not just on Earth, but he does get around. Ares, this is Prince Dirk Blackpool and his little brother Geoffrey. The guy not wearing a hat is Wizard Vector. Now the thing on my leg, Dirk is a cast. I broke my ankle in three places. I had to have surgery to fix it. OK now, can we go home now Ares??"

"Oh I don't think so Celine. You still haven't visited with your friends yet," the god with a laugh.

"Ares, since when did you start listening to what I said? What I said was I wanted to go to the Library and get on the computer and talk to my friend on the Wizards and Warriors mailing list. I didn't say a bloody word about coming here!" said Celine. "Did you at least bring my walking boot, Ares? I can't walk without it." Reaching up to her head, "where is my sleeping mask at too?"

"Oh that thing you had covering your eyes?" asked Geoffrey.

"Yes Geoff it is. Where is it. Those things cost money and it's still a good one," said Celine.

"I left it on the chair you were sleeping in out in the hall. I'll go get it," said Geoffrey as he walked out of the room.

"So you are a God? A God of War, yes I just bet. He doesn't look like he could find a battle field let alone start a war," said Dirk with a large smile on his face.

"Oh God," Celine as she moved her hand to her face. "I think Vector if you have any magic in that non hat of yours, now would be the time to get us the hell out of here. There is going to be death, blood and a whole lotta of shaking going on around here."

"Here Celine is your mask," said Geoffrey walked back into the room.

"Geoff, help me up." Prince Geoffrey put his arm down to the Vampire and helped her to stand up.

Vector just across the room smiling as he watched the two men coming closer to blows to each other.

CelineV leaned on Geoff's arm and they walked between the Prince and the God. "WHOA, guys," Celine said loud. "You can't fight each other. First off Ares, will kill you Dirk. He is a God. He can kill your cute arse to one side of this country to the other. Dirk, you can't kill him any way shape of form. He is Immortal. Do you know what that means??? " She looked at the two men. "Fa and sha, you guys. You are both pains in the arse." She looked up into the ceiling, "Oh beam me up Scotty. They aren't going to listen to me."

"Dirk, I feel a great amount of powerful energy in here. More then normal." said Bethel as she came into the room.

"Oh man", said Celine. "There are times I wish I could strangle Don Reo." The Vampire watched the Witch walk across the room to Ares. "Ares, this is Witch Bethel. Bethel, this is Ares the Greek God of War. Gee when is Eric and Marco arriving, so I can introduce them to the God."

Bethel walked over to the powerful person. "Ares, a wonderful name. So when did you show up Celine and who is Don Reo?" Not that she was listening to what the vampire had to say.

"Not that it is important, but Don Reo is your lord, God on high," said Celine "No one was listening to her. They were staring at Ares and Bethel. Celine nudged Geoff. He turned to look at her. The look was one of those you get when someone is surprised to see you. "Thanks for the help over here Geoffrey." Celine reached out for Ares and took his hand out of Bethel's hand and pulled him over to her. "If you think I am going to let you leave me here, you are out of your immortal mind. Do you understand, Ares?"

Ares turned to the vampire, he turned his head to the side, Celine you have fangs, Why?" It was the first time since they had arrived that he noticed the fangs.

"Because Ares I am a daywalking Vampire. I am stronger here then I am at home. Pretty cool, huh?? " She smiled at him.

"Why would you want to be a vampire? They are nothing like a Warrior Princess."

"Oh God, you've none it now," said Celine.

"You know Xena?" said the Prince.

Ares just smiled at the man. "Oh yes very well. I made her, you could say."

Dirk took a step closer to the God. "You are the one that made her life a living hell. For that you will pay!"

"And who is Xena?" asked Bethel. "Oh yes that one that slips in and out of the castle all the time. Well Dirk you have to remember sometime or another that we are promised to each other."

"You, Bethel had better figure out that you tant going to get him any time sweetheart. Even if you turned Xena into a frog or whatever you little mind can come up with. He isn't going to marry you. So don't hold your breath or quit your day job." said Celine with a smile on her face. Hey she knew she wasn't every going to get Dirk or Ares either, but at least she knew it from the get go. She was able to move Ares away from the Blackpool Prince. "Ares can we go home, Please. I want to go back to bed. I need my sleep badly." The Vampire yawned.

"Celine, what are you wearing? asked Geoffrey.

"I'm wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Remember I live in Minnesota and it gets fricken a cold there in the winter, just like it does here. So I sleep in these to keep warm. It's terrible cold to sleep alone in Minnesota."

"Oh well if you want I could come back with you and keep you warm and play with your dog, Brandy," said the younger Prince with a smile.

OH lord, I forgot to tell Geoffrey that the dog ran away. Oh Man this is going to as hard to tell him as it was telling Bogg about it. "Oh Geoffrey, I forgot to tell you, that Brandy ran away not long ago. I think she took off to look for Bogg. I am sorry to tell you that."

"Who is Bogg?" asked Dirk.

"He is her housemate, if you must know," said Ares. "A very nice guy that travels around a lot." It surprised Ares that this cretin didn't know about her housemate and he did.

"Thanks, Ares," said Celine.

"You live with a man? said Geoffrey. He started to laugh.

"Yes, he is my best friend and we share a house together. Well, along with another person, but a male type being, he is."

"Oh this is good," said Geoffrey with a smile.

"Before you think any worse than you are, we aren't that kind of friends. He is a very good friend. I trust him with everything I own, but he isn't anything more then a friend."

"Oh," said Geoffrey. "It doesn't look right for a nice young lady to live with a man, even if they are friends."

"Passing mortal judgments from a person who kills people for the fun of it. WOW this is cool." Celine looked over at the brothers. Bethel had moved to the back of the room with Vector. Great the rats are ready to jump ship if it starts to sink, Wonderful. Now if I could just get Ares to take me home and let me get more sleep. I want my pillow and blankie.

Then the laughing started in Celine's head. Celine, why would you want to go home, when we are having so much fun with your friends.

Ares, is that you? thought the daywalker.

Yes, Celine. Who else would be talking to you here and hearing your thoughts too. Ares started to laugh out loud.

"Oh Lord," said Celine.

"What are you two up to over there?" asked Dirk.

"Well Ares has been listening to my thoughts and joined the conversation to boot. Very strange." said Celine. She looked at Ares again. "Can we go now?"

A golden throne appeared out of nowhere. Ares sat down in it. "We will go soon enough. So what else don't these people know about you? They sure didn't know or care about your ankle. They aren't your friends, Celine."

"I never said they were my friends you twit. I said the people on the computer where my friends. Man don't you ever listen to any thing other then your thoughts. Now get me back to Saint Paul and back to my bed."

"You were sleeping on the sofa, Celine. Not in a bed. You are too drugged up on those pain pills. I will heal you and then you can get off of them."

"Yea, right Ares and do you have a OK from Athena to heal me???" Celine just looked at the God.

"Well if you are going to act like that. I'll send you home now. I'll stick around for a bit and have a look around." He just smiled at Bethel.

"OH NO YOU DON'T" yelled Celine and Dirk. "Get off your Godly arse and get us out of here. I want to go home and find a computer, OK???"

"If we must," said Ares. With that Ares' lifted his right hand and the two of them disappeared. The visionscope came on and they could see Celine's home in Saint Paul. She was on the sofa and asleep again. Ares was standing over her. He turned back to the visionscope, "I'll be back to visit some time Bethel. I think we have a lot in common." The God smiled and disappeared.


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