Dirk Blackpool in Skies of Death (5_37)

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A Falcon's Tale

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What Has Come To Pass

Erik Greystone looked down at Caserne Pass from his vantage point on Southwind. Marko and Ben looked on beside him. The colored leaves swayed above them as the late afternoon breeze twisted through the slender lines of the trees. His loyal vassal had traveled from Dunfirm with plenty of time to speak with the captain of the troops about the proposed plan of attack. After Erik had arrived and explained why he’d been delayed, the sturdy warrior had briefed him on the military situation as they had made their way steadily up the side of the wooded hill.

The prince cupped his chin in his hand, his arms crossed. His buff-gold shoulder armor clinked as he shook his head and shifted in the saddle.

"I don’t know, Marko. It’s gonna be tough even though Geoffrey and some of his men left. I can’t believe Dirk would leave them out here without his brother to watch over them."

"Yeah. Well, maybe he finally got smart and replaced Geoffrey. I heard this captain – Bestigenn Swale – is trying to get the title of General himself. And he’s tough." Marko patted Ben’s shoulder and raised his eyebrows. Ben nickered in reply. "Ben says his horse is mean, too."

"Well, Swale’s smarter, I’ll bet." Erik sighed lightly and watched Blackpool’s troops milling around the edges of the pass. "Not that that would be too difficult." He motioned with his gauntleted hand. "It looks like they’re just hanging around. I don’t get it."

"Yeah, I know. But Captain Lyndon said that they caught sight of Dirk and Vector earlier today though, so something’s up. They’re probably just acting casual to throw us off."

"Oh yeah? Very interesting." Erik’s eyebrows settled together as he stroked his chin. "Well, we’d better be ready for them. If we can route them out of the Pass everyone will rest easier. And maybe we can enjoy ourselves at the festival for a change."

"Yeah." Marko nodded and grinned. "And I’m going to win that dance contest this year. There’s no way Ariel won *that* fair and square." He grimaced at the memory of the princess’ routine. His companion winced and tightened his lips.

"I’ll second that. Now, come on. We’ve got troops to muster." Erik wheeled Southwind and started back down the hillside with Marko and Ben following behind him.

Chapter 11

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