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Unknown Author:  "Jeff Conaway Is Back In Wizards And Warriors!"  16 Magazine 1983, unknown issue number.


Jeff Conaway Is Back In Wizards And Warriors!


Taxi's Cute Cabbie Returns - With A New Prime-Time Vehicle And A Message Just For You!

Not that you haven't noticed, but a lot's been going on in the life of one Jeff Conaway! Since his taxi officially went off-duty two years ago, Jeff's weekly TV visits have been sorely missed - but he hasn't been a stranger to the small screen at all! Starring in teleflicks Nashville Grab, For The Love Of It and Breaking Up Is Hard To Do has kept Jeff in touch while it also allowed him to gear up for the future and take stock of the past!

"If I don't take myself seriously no one else will," was one realization blue-eyed Jeff came to - and that's exactly how he takes his series' return (in the not-so-serious Wizards And Warriors) also! This sensitive fella loves playing "the good guy of good guys" and the fantastic derring-do of his character Prince Erik Greystone and his side-kick Marko (played by Walter Olkewicz) as they battle demons, dragons and general evil appeals to the daydreamin' adventurer in this soul.

When Jeff's not toiling on the CBS set he likes to spend lots of time with his wife Rona and stepson Emerson. In fact, the blonde actor has been coaching Emerson's third grade soccer team! A native New Yorker, Jeff is happily at home in Hollywood Hills, and even has a sauna and pool (complete with slide given by sister-in-law Olivia Newton-John!) to relax in. This talented fox has also been writing up a storm - in words (a screenplay of his own is in the works!) and music (remember Jeff's interest in that area?). For now though, his main concern is his sword and sorcery series - and how you like it! But here's Jeff to say that in his own words!

(Jeff's note text - please click on the graphic below to see it full size)

Hi 16er's...
Well I'm back again. This time on a horse instead of a taxi and swinging a sword instead of a comb. I hope you like "Wizards and Warriors" and Erik Greystone (as we call him Princey). And that you'll watch it every week. If you don't you may wake up with a demon in your bed...
Till the next time. God bless.
Love Jeff Conaway

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