Edwin Baaldorf in Skies of Death (5_61)

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General TV Shows, Sci-Fi, RP, and Other Sites

eBay – the world’s online marketplace
What’s eBay got to do with W&W? Well, if you can’t find it here, you probably can’t find it. Great source of VHS tapes, DVDs, magazines, and most anything else.
NERO Homepage
New England Roleplaying Organization site – Check out the survey page where you can see (and vote for) a great list of films, TV shows and books that put you in a role-playing mood. Wouldn’t you know, W&W is among them?
Nostalgia Central
Welcome to your one stop reference guide through three decades of music, movies, television, pop culture and social history. You can use the website like a travel guide, a library, or (if you want to do yourself some permanent damage) it can be read end-to-end like a long, bizarre story. Be sure to check out the W&W section too.
Scifi Source
Plenty of cool stuff to check out on this site -- includes info on conventions and events, comics and anime, gaming, art and artists, and more.
SF Crowsnet
Lots of stuff here. There's a trading post, auction links, chat and message boards, SF search engine, and more.

80s Related sites

i80s.com – Interactive 80’s Server
It’s a website. It’s a forum. It’s very cool is what it is. Go to the 80s forum section to view or post on the boards. There’s even an 80s classifieds section.
In the 80s Website
Has tons of info about the 80s -- movies, TV shows (none on W&W yet, but we've submitted it), music, and more! Spark your memories of why Prince Erik Greystone didn't eat quiche.



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