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Wondering about The Land of Aperans - The Haven for Wizards and Warriors website policies for graphics and downloads? Well, you've wandered into the right dungeon... umm... place.

Please e-mail the webmaster for prior permission to use photos, screen captures, wav and zip files from our website before adding them to your site or board. (And please note our policy regarding "hotlinking" below.) It would be a rare instance indeed that you would be told "nay." Rarer than Dirk Blackpool wearing gold lamé -- or Erik Greystone sporting black leather.

As a matter of fact, there are even more images from the show available from the webmaster, should you ask about them. As Justin would say, "Boy, this is lucky!"

Please note that the use of Aperans' site graphics and/or copy/descriptions does NOT imply our endorsement of any online show supplier (for example - on eBay, tape trading sites, etc.). Nor does it mean that we are a supplier of the show. Also, please be aware that Wizards & Warriors was never released on either VHS or DVD (meaning that the sources are usually providing you with at least second generation copies or dubs). As always, use caution in all of your online transactions and ask questions of the sellers until you are satisfied with the answers.

Please Don't Hotlink

Imagine that your electric bill suddenly goes up to twice its usual amount. Then you look out your window and notice your neighbor has extension cords running over to your house and is using your electricity to power his/her appliances. Well, it's the same principle if you don't load graphics onto your computer and *then* add them to your site or board.

Linking directly to our images is called "hot linking" and uses our site's bandwidth. It might not seem like an important issue, but with the number of message boards and clubs that hotlink to our images, we have to be attentive to our bandwidth usage. We pay for it, after all.

Please load images to your machine and then load them to your board or site - don't link directly to the images on our site. While we're flattered that you enjoy our images, we'd appreciate you using your own bandwidth much more. Even Dirk would agree that it's proper web etiquette (he's very big on the social graces, you know).

If you do use images from this site, please add a link to our Home Page or to our Photo Gallery. We'd love to have people interested in the cast and crew of Wizards and Warriors visit our site, too.



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