Erik Greystone in Skies of Death (5_39)

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Erik's Theme #2

set to the tune Camelot

Erik Greystone

by Anna M.C. and CJ


The scene:
The battlefront. Prince Erik Greystone stands with Justin and Marko at his side. The mood is grim and the Greystone troops are dejected. In moments, they will be facing Blackpool's superior numbers and there is little faith that any of them will survive.

Marko: Erik, we have to do something. This is hopeless.

Justin: I'm doing something. I'm leaving.

Erik: (hissing with anger) Justin! (turning to Marko) All I need to do is rally the troops. Everything will work out for the best. It always does.

Justin: You think a speech is going to make the difference? You've been knocked on the head one too many times.

Erik turns to the troops, standing majestically, cloak fluttering in the breeze behind him.

Erik: I know it looks impossible. I know you think we are all doomed but it isn't so. We will be victorious today, no matter how many men Blackpool has, no matter what Vector throws at us. We will win because we have *right* on our side.

Justin: Personally, I'll lay odds with might every time.

Erik: Might can never stand against Right! Good will always triumph ~ as we will triumph today!
(seeing disbelief evident on the faces of the troops Erik signals for the music to begin.)


It's true! It's true! Don Reo is our friend.
So good must always triumph in the end.

The script was set in 1983 here:
The villains never keep the upper hand.
No matter how they plot and scheme and cheat here
In Camarand.

My brother is a tadmon~hearted rascal
Who's little more than one enormous gland.
     Justin: Why, thank you. (takes a swig of wine)
Yet every week he and my chubby vassal
Save Camarand.
     Marko: I should get hazard pay.
Camarand! Camarand!

I know it sounds a bit far~fetched,
But in Camarand, Camarand
The Laws of Odds are stretched.
     Justin: Odds? Who's taking bets?
The North is always routed 'ere the sundown
     Marko: Just in time to go dancing.
Dirk's patience must be surely wearing thin
In short, it's simply grand
To live in such a land
Where every plot is fixed for us to win
In Camarand.
Camarand! Camarand!

Dirk's never understood,
That in Camarand, Camarand
We win *because* we're good.
Dirk has the wizard Vector on his side now
     Justin: And Bethel underneath him.
     Erik: Justin, for my sake, just *pretend* you have class.

But still the writers always save our skin
     Justin: And the Winslow sisters certainly have some skin worth saving.
In short, it's simply grand
To live in such a land
Where every plot is fixed for us to win
In Camarand.


Camarand: Reprise 1

set to the tune Camelot

by Trisha


Each evening from February to February
Before you drift to sleep upon your cot
Think back on all the tales that we created
of Camarand

Ask every fantasy lover if he's heard the story
And tell it strong and clear if he has not
That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory
called Camarand

Where once the bad guys always lost the battles
The good rode victorious on their horses

Don't let us be forgot
Here we create a spot
For constant Blackpool hating
That is known as


Camarand: Reprise 2

set to the tune Camelot

by Rus Hall


In 1983 there was a show where
Wizards and warriors fought by spell and hand
The action was very fierce for a time there
In Camarand

Dirk Blackpool and his wizard would plot their evil
To someday maim utterly the south lands
While Eric and his vassal protected the people
In Camarand

Camarand! Camarand!
It seems a bit fetched far
But in Camarand, Camarand
That's how the people are

Once the week the heroes would face a certain death
But by nine p.m., they're victory'd be clear
In short there's simply not
A more appropriate spot
For scenic views and daring do's then here
In Camarand

Camarand! Camarand!
You lost the ratings game
But in Camarand, Camarand
We loved you all the same

Although it only lasted 8 brief episodes
The fanclub will always hold you dear
In short there's simply not
A more appropriate spot
For scenic views and daring do's then here
In Camarand


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