Dirk Blackpool in Dungeon of Death (7_68)

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Dirk's Theme #5
Doing Bad

set to the tune of Doing Good from the musical Superman.


by Mo TCO and Coulter


Every man has a job to do,
And my job is doing badÖ

Every Night, when the job is through
I store my axe, proud to know
Iíve done all to be a cad . . .

Itís a satisfying feeling when you hang up your cape . . .
. . . to know that youíve contributed to murder, larceny, and rape.

Every man, Has a job to do . . .

Well, back into the old leather thingies
Iíll never stop doing bad.
Other men have their work to do . . .
. . . but as for me, I must take, not one life, but two!

My smile is the disguise that is the best . . .
Cause underneath this dark cloak is a man they all detest!

Every man, Has his job to do . . .
And my job is doing bad
Iíll never stop doing bad

Oh itís hard to keep on wearing the old sincere smile
But I know I have to do it because my work is so worth while.

Laa Dee Da, Itís a bloody life . . .
. . . still in all a life well spent . . .

So here you go . . .
. . . Life Blood gone . . .
. . . Hack and Slash . . .
. . . Head is gone . . .
Dirk you dog, how your view is bent!


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