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Over the years, we've felt like we've developed a truly close, personal relationship with Wizards and Warriors.  We re-watch the tapes.  We discuss the series.  We drop in on Dirk and mock him when his leather squeaks, then drop by Vector's place, raid the refrigerator, and eat all the carpacca salad.  They really, really hate that.

Yes, you read that right -- we putter around Aperans quite a bit.  How, you ask, is that possible?  Trans-dimensional magic?  Controlled substances?  Or are we all just a few bricks short of a castle, if you catch my drift?

Quite possibly.  What we're talking about here, though, is participatory fanfic, in the form of both round robins and individual stories.  Have a drink with Justin.  Exchange beauty secrets with Ariel.  Linger over a savory slice of cheesecake with Geoffrey.  Schmooze with all your favorite characters!  Sure, it can all get pretty darn silly, but the show wasn't exactly noted for playing it straight.  So why not grab a straitjacket and join the insanity?

April Fools of Death - a Round Robin
This story is down for editing. Though he may not suffer fools gladly, suffer Dirk does in this tale of Listians magically transported to Aperans as part of Vector's April Fool's Day prank.  However, Camarand's Festival of Fools is in for its own share of suffering when Dirk decides to use us to destroy Erik Greystone . . .
Love Voodoo by Anna M.C.
A certain Listian strikes an unusual bargain with Dirk, for an unusual price. A must for fans of Justin.
Love Voodoo II: Love Hurts by Anna M.C.
That voodoo that we do so well is back, and this time poor Justin's feeling the pain. Can a certain Listian help make him feel all better?
Mission: Impossible by various
On the anniversary of our last April Fools' visit to Aperans, the List joins forces with Dirk and company to save the original W&W episode tapes from being destroyed by Warner Brothers. This story is not written in a round robin format.
Monocle Mayhem - a Round Robin by various
Dirk, Vector, and Geoffrey embark upon a mad scavenger hunt on Earth to retrieve pieces of the monocle from the Listians!
One Lost Vampire - Well, Sort Of! by Celine
Combine our resident vampire, massive doses of pain medication, and Men in Black Leather -- in this case, Dirk and Ares (of Xena and Hercules fame) -- and this is what you get.
Perrin and the Cross of Over by Galen Blackpool and Anna M.C.
Crownhelm's alter ego joins Dirk and Vector in a truly bizarre Monty Python and the Holy Grail birthday crossover.  Don't worry -- it's only a harmless little bunny rabbit . . .




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