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Ever get that feeling that you just don't fit in? That there's some subtle difference about you that defies categorization and sets you apart from the crowd? Like maybe claws, fur, fangs, or scales?

Well, that's the case with our little miscellaneous beastiary here. Bright as a Lightning Hawk, strange as a Grox, these comic gems just don't quite belong in any other fanfic category, but shouldn't be discriminated against for all that. After all, Jinx Warriors are people too! Well, maybe not technically people . . .

Aperans' Laws by CJ and other submitters
If anything can go wrong in Aperans, it will. Come read how Murphy's Law has nothing on Aperans' Laws!
Excerpts from "Ode to My Enemies" by Anna M.C.
The poem, alluded to in "April Fools of Death," that started the entire  Dirk as Crap Poet legend.
Gryphon by Shannon C. Corulla
A poetic interpretation of a fantasy creature renowned in myth and legend.
Maim! by Galen Blackpool
A look at Dirk's questionable poetry writing abilities.
Ode to a Small Lump of My Enemy by Crownhelm
Dirk's found his ultimate torture method -- writing poetry so bad that even the Vogons object to it.
Phone Home by CJ
Some of the highlights (and lowlights) of Duncan Regehr's career, envisioned as a series of phone calls to his parents.
Site Promotions by Anna M.C. and CJ
Our spin doctors always try to pen advertisements with a humorous touch.
Top 10 - Dirk Should Rule by various
The Listians join Dirk's publicity machine when he announces a contest with an irresistible prize.
Top 10 List - If Geoffrey Ruled Aperans by various
In answer to a challenge, Listians give their view of how life would be if Geoffrey became ruler of all Aperans.
Top 10 - Star Wars/W&W by Mo TCO
This top ten list is a much better sequel than "The Phantom Menace."
Villainy 101 by Mo TCO
Yes, even Dirk has rules -- strict ones, too. So, for all you aspiring amateur villains out there: Listen up.
Wizards and Warriors by Galen Blackpool
Are Star Wars and Wizards and Warriors actually the same thing? Well, of course not. For one thing, Star Wars made a gazillion more dollars. However, you might be surprised at the parallels...
Wizards and Warriors Drinking Game by Anna M.C.
Grab a Crawler or a Pinky Surprise and see if you're in Justin's league. This game is even more dangerous than playing Arm Death with an octopus!




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