Justin Greystone in Skies of Death (5_65)

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Awards and Accolades


Everybody likes getting recognition and awards, and we're no exception. We've picked up lots of tips from our old pal Goz, here, including bribing the judges, getting the judges drunk on crawlers, threatening the judges with a game of arm death if they don't choose our site, etc. So far, the tactics seem to be working like a charm!


AWARD SITES! . . . Level 3.5

The Dragon MuseScoff an' Scuff AwardCool Site Award from Krista's Korner


AWARD SITES! Level 3.0

Michael Starz's Award of ExcellenceSugar 31's Award of ExcellenceALOHA AWARD - Click here to nominate a site!Grefj's Best of the Best Award My Hideout in Quebec AwardClick here for Great comedy


AWARD SITES! Level 2.5

JerryD's Music Site AwardGrefk's Home Page Top Site of 2001 awardCracking Good Site award


AWARD SITES! Level 2.0

The Queen of Cheeze AwardPamela's Award of ExcellenceArlana's Corner Award


Additional Awards Programs

Bella Online Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV AwardTristen's World Gold AwardERAust site awardNielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics Award



  • December 2002 - Listed as a Cool Site by the Open Directory

  • April 2002 - Became a "editor selected site" on The SciFi Crow's Nest website (in the Directory listings under the Fantasy heading)

  • April 2002 - Rated 5 stars with Starpages.net

  • May 2001 -- Rated number 12 on the best SF&F web sites submitted to The SciFi Crow's Nest website.  Rated 4 stars with Starpages.net

  • February 7, 2001 -- Rated 2 stars with Starpages.net

  • February 2001 -- Rated 1 star with Starpages.net

  • January 2001 -- Lori Holuta, the Bella Online Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Host host, gave us a flower (only given to exceptional websites)
  • January 2001 -- Given a three rocket rating by Scifi Source
  • December 2000 -- listed as a What's Cool site at SciFi Jump Gate
  • October 12, 2000 -- SciFi Jump Gate's Cool Site of the Day

SciFi  Jumpgate Cool Site of the Day


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