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Privacy Policy:
We do not knowingly collect personal information on this site. If you have cookies enabled, our host may collect information. Our host also collects some information about who has visited our site but it is not personally identifiable.

Some sites we link to will not allow you to look at their content if you have cookies disabled (Yahoo, etc.). If you must enable cookies, we recommend you clear them from your browser. There is a free download program called Spider for this function, although it seems to work only with Internet Explorer. Netscape has a privacy setting where you can delete cookies as well.

For more information about protecting your privacy online, please visit these sites:
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Internet Privacy Resources
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Privacy Links


Spam Policy:
We do NOT endorse or send unsolicited commercial email, also known as spam. Please note that many viruses and other internet pests "spoof" the email address of the supposed sender. Spammers often generate a number of fake email addresses that end with a website URL that has no relation to who actually sent the spam. Why? Because it makes spam more difficult to track and harder for you to complain to the real hosting companies.

We also do NOT recommend you attempt to be removed from any spam list by replying to unsolicited email or hitting the "remove" link - spammers are known to sell your now-confirmed-as-active email address to other spammers and the volume of spam you receive usually increases.

For more information about spam and what you can do to combat it, please visit these sites:
Scambusters.org - Stop Spam